Two Meatballs have spereation anxiety!

Sara and Joelle having the best time ever in NYC

Sara and Joelle having the best time ever in NYC

Sara is in New York City at the House of Bumble testing the limits of her new food and exercise regime…hopefully she stays strong!  I am so Jealous and so not jealous  all at the same time.  I’m too weak right now not to be tested!  New York gets the best of me every time. I smoke, I drink…I pig out and I usually do it all with my partner in crime Sara.  We had a laugh attack last time we were there drinking that lasted for three hours!  Oh the fun we’ve had.  Anyways…I’m going to go work out. I also have to go grocery shopping!  I just came off of my  daughter London’s 2nd birthday party.  You Guys!!!!!  I had cake her cake and I ate it too!  And I don’t regret it, but now its Monday and I’m focused and ready to go.  Here’s my plan…keep me accountable:

At the Gym:

45minutes on the elliptical

15 minutes of weight (this one we have to tighten up but its what I know for now!)

Workout selfie! I look insane!!!!!  But I lost Lbs. this week!!

Workout selfie! I look insane!!!!! But I lost Lbs. this week!!

At the Grocery Store:

Coconut oil is the living best and I need more. I’m going to get toooooooons of fresh veggies. I always need  chicken, pork tenderloin (that’s a family favorite) and toooons of fruit.  We are a meats and sweets family.  Sweet Potatoes and Avocado are my new indulgent “cheats”. I feel so decadent when I eat them! I think Costco is in the near future for me.    On April 1st we are going to do our first big weigh in and we will post everything…and I mean everything!  Sara made Okra for us last weekend and now I’m obsessed! If you haven’t followed her on Pinterest, you should.  I stalk her Paleo board daily (Sbiddy5)  I’m going to see if I can replicate her recipe and if it goes well, tomorrow I will post the recipe! Thank you for your support!!!  ❤ Jenny and Sara


me and sara on our last nyc trip!

me and sara on our last nyc trip!


  1. ladies, please post daily at noon to serve as fun reading material during my lunch. (: are you using protein powder after work outs? it makes the biggest difference even though you wouldn’t think so.

  2. What are you guys doing for workouts so far?? I’m so excited to follow!! I’ve been working at goals for the past year – lost the baby weight now just feeling good being healthy.

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