Two Meatballs: Bye-bye Fat…..hello cat!

Just call me Dr. Seuss…haha.  So you know our other meatball, Brandon!?!?!   Hi Brandon!


So my husband doesn’t weigh himself all month!  This totally blows my mind.  So when it comes to weigh in time I’m pumped to see how he did!!!!  I would love to try this.  It Could be an awesome experiment. How could this affect my mental state all month?!?!  Would I be more or less successful…..I need to know!!!!

Well anyway…… Show us what you got Brandon!!!!!!  (Quiet chant……Brandon Brandon Brandon)


and a few words few words from the man himself………

This month has been very weird for me. I just seem to fluctuate around 280lbs. But in weight loss you write your own story and this is the part where the plot thickens. “Will Brandon make it to another 10lbs lost or will he fall into the pit of fat!?”
It’s a love hate thing for me with the holidays. I use to love them when I could just stuff my face with 2 helpings of Aunt Teresa’s Famous Chicken-n-Dumplings. Trust me they’re amazeballs. I look forward to that green pot to show up on the stove every year and this year was no different, except she changed the pot. But I stayed diligent on the food front. I mean, I did overeat, but nowhere near as much as I used to.
Also I must admit that the compliments made me feel great. But I still felt bad about it. My internal dialog goes crazy. “Brandon dude we did not give it 100 percent maybe we gave 80 you don’t deserve this praise”. I can hate me sometimes but like I said you write you own story this just happens to be part of mine. “Tune in next month and see if Brandon gives in to his dialog or kicks fats ass!!!!” bum bum buuuuuummmmm

Hey it’s jenny….    So proud of my honey!!! Still going strong. S o here is a little bit of thanksgiving with my family

London and my sisters dog Sally! Sweetest dog in the world!!!!


Some paleo apps….just a dish of meats!


My brother smoked some ribs


London on and I took some selfies #mommysgirl #girlchristmas


Then we gathered around the table and it was time to eat! #cottontheme

wpid-20141127_154926.jpgwpid-20141127_154742.jpgwpid-20141127_163257.jpg wpid-20141127_175236.jpg

Ummm soooo paleo!!! Turkey, Brussels sprouts and sweet potato! High five elk head!!!!

wpid-20141127_161421.jpg wpid-20141127_175359.jpg

And then hen we had the paleo apple crisp!!!!!! #dessertismyfavoritepart


I was so full and craving something physical….ooooooo how about some Black Friday shopping right after dinner????  I have never done this before, who am I?!?  I have to admit it was kinda fun, and next year I will be more prepared to make it work my while,  but it felt good to spend a few hours power walking threw the Crabtree.


And then we welcomed his sweet baby into our home!!!!!


London was so excited!!!!!! #worthit #hasnotail


I think this whole family is obsessed right now with this nameless fur ball!!!  Best holiday weekend ever!!!!!! Love you guys, and thank you for another successful weigh in!!! Hello December!!!