One Meatball gets…….Chopped


HIiiiiiiiiiiiii, Its Jenny!!   I have a super busy week.   Being busy usually leads to fast, pick up meals. When this happens I usually go to this place right by my house, Sushi Hibachi and get a Mary Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll and who knows, if I was feeling fierce top it off with some pad thai.   I was spending anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars for lunch at least twice a week.    But…….. I am staying organized and sticking to my paleo lifestyle even when the day goes to total shit, when my sweet Londie feels icky,  or get so tired I don’t know how to even begin making a meal at home.  Sooooooo  I worked out  this morning and instantly after that I was starving!!!!  I ran home and cut my Spaghetti squash in halves and through it on a  baking pan covered in coconut oil.  That went into the oven at 400 and cooked that for and hour.  In a skillet on medium high heat, cooked down a half of an onion, two garlic cloves, and Mushrooms, After about 7mins. I through in skinless chicken thighs.  I chose those because they are so cheap which works with my budget!  After that mostly cooked through I added Lemon juice and sliced up cherry tomatoes and a little bit of salt and pepper.  Anywayyyyy I mixed this all up with my squash.   Let me just say, I have never made spaghetti squash before.   I am an Italian noodle snob!!!   Does it taste like what I have always known spaghetti to be…. NOOOOOOO.  But it was warm , comfy and completely satisfying!  I use to live to Eat!!!! Now Im trying to eat to LIVE.  BAMMM….done.  #healthyfood #fuckinfull #Ihavealotofleftoverssara!  Love you guys!!!!!

chicken squash jenny jenny2


  1. Looks delish! Just a helpful spaghetti squash hint: I hate to cook… I mean, when I’m ready to eat, I’m ready to eat, if you know what I’m sayin… anyway, you can cut a spaghetti squash in half and put it face down in a microwaveable dish in about a 1/4″ water… microwave for 10 minutes, and BAM! Fully cooked, ready to eat spaghetti squash! Yum!

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