Two Meatballs: The Day After

You guyyyyyyyyyyyyyys! We are so totally overwhelmed, humbled and appreciative of your support! Your comments and acceptance produced genuine tears of joy. Sometimes when you are used to doing for others, it is so hard to do things for yourself. So your support helps us stay soooooo committed and focused and worthy of making this huge life change. Now on to the panic attack we both shared yesterday morning right before we actually posted our numbers! We were both so pumped up with the spoiler alert the night before, but when it came right down to it…actually uploading these pictures of us scantily clad and with our WEIGHTS posted for the world to see. We had a full on WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?!#$%!? moment. But we jumped…both feet in and you guys made it totally worth it. This was one of the hardest things to do. Man up and show the world. But we want to do this and we want to go all the way. A life coach came into the salon at the beginning of the year and talked about the things that keep you from reaching your goal. She said, “What if you got in your car and drove all the way to the Grand Canyon. You’ve been in the car for 3 days and you are now just a few miles away from your destination. All of the sudden a huge boulder is in your path. Would you turn around and drive all the way back from the Grand Canyon!?” Holy shit you guys, this was a game changer. So right here, right now…we want the world to know…JENNY AND I ARE NOT DRIVING BACK FROM THE GRAND CANYON. ever. This is a fight and we are in. Please join us and tell us your stories. Tomorrow on the blog…GOALS and RECIPES!

We are committed to the fight for our lives!

We are committed to the fight for our lives!


  1. Ladies!!! Y’all are doing such an awesome job. You’ve motivated me to get back on my game 😄 y’all know how I love competition. But you blew me away with posting your numbers in your panties… I’m still too insecure to do that. Y’all push me outside of my box in so many ways. XoXoXo

  2. yayyy!!! glad you are courageous enough to not convince yourselves that your hair must weigh at least 10 pounds and should be an automatic deduction … like some people. (;

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