Two Meatballs: What an Eye Opener!!!

Hiiiiiiiii! It’s Sara! Youuuu guyyyyyys….I had the most amazing, productive, fun, meaningful weekend! After my last class at Bumble I learned a lot about what kind of energy are you putting out into the world and about setting intentions! I get really irritated and frustrated quite frequently and I’ve recently learned that I’m kind of selfish…who knew?! (Aren’t you just dying to hang out with me now?!?) These are all things I would like to change. So I decided that I would put open and loving energy into the world and set my intentions each day to be kind to others. I feel like when you bite off a big new project you get tested…instantly! The night that my boss and I were to return home from nyc…our flight got cancelled…and they couldn’t get us on another one until two days later…and all the trains and buses had already left…and it took three hours to figure all of this out!!! I instantly went to irritated…but  (and this is becoming a running theme for me) if you want to change you have to change! Soooooo I acknowledged my irritation and decided that I was choosing to feel that way. So I instead decided to feel sympathy for all of the jet blue attendants because they were getting massively shit on with hate by everyone who came across them! How awful…they had not caused the terrible weather (or had they…jk)! This shift in perspective followed me all the way home. The guy at the car rental place (yes we choose to drive home because it really was our only option) was super New and took forty five minutes to get us a car. Then we drove until 2:30 in the morning, in a monsoon on roads with construction and eighteen wheelers…eeeek! But you know what…I didn’t make any of these terrible situations worse by poisoning the atmosphere with my irritation or frustration. We eventually made it home later the next day. I was a grumbly grizzly bear that day at work and I thought…Dammit this isn’t working!!!! However another great thing I learned from Bumble was that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others! Ohhhhhhhhh so I was sleep deprived, starving and dehydrated which only made me land on irritated and frustrated that much quicker! And then it all started clicking. If I take care of myself, and set my intentions and acknowledge my missteps (which there will be plenty) I can really affect change in my own life and possibly others.  I spent the rest of the weekend getting some sleep, getting back on track with my eating, spending really quality time with my best friends, having impromptu dates with the fam, taking down one project after another and celebrating Easter and my mom’s birthday with the ones I love the most. (I also burned my dessert, locked myself out of the house and fell down my stairs…it comes in threes right?!) Attempting to be a Better, more selfless person is the hardest/most rewarding way to spend your time! Love you all…sending my positive vibes your way. Now time for some pictures!


Reuniting with my super duper best buddy! We’ve made such positive changes in our relationship that I now feel at my best around her!


This is my sweet Katie! We’ve been friends for almost thirty years now! She tried so hard this weekend to help me better understand social media…she has the patience of a saint!


Getting back on track with pesto chicken and sweet potato chips!


Celebrating National High Five Day!


Finally got new mirrors for my bathroom and with the help of my super handy dad, actually hung them!


Celebrating my sweet mom, Anna for her birthday!


Easter egg huntin’ it up with Paw Paw


  1. Love!!!! Laughed out loud and totally agree and feeling inspired!! I want to put good energy into the world and set good intentions every day!!! And I didn’t even know about the mirrors!! They look great!!! Love you the most did!!!!

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