Two Meatballs: It’s a Family Affair (singing!)

Hiiiii you guys! It’s Sara!!!!!!! So today I wanted to gush about my super dee duper supportive, loving, amazing, wonderful, attractive (too far?!) family. We all live in a five mile radius and get this…we really like each other…like a lot!!! I see each and every member of my little family at the absolute minimum once a week…every week!



During the more unhealthy times…




I love my family soooooo much and they have been hands down our biggest cheerleaders (besides Jenny’s fam of course!)! Jenny spoke last week about the fear of holidays not feeling the same without the food you are so used to. I understand that completely…in my family every holiday comes with several casseroles, biscuits and a never ending dessert table. But over the past couple of years my dad John, mom Anna and sister Kelly have all started getting healthy. I was def on the struggle bus of absolute resistance here. I would flit in and out of seriousness with diets while they were all making real strides to healthy lifestyle changes. I really didn’t want to become the person that was holding everyone back (and not that they would ever feel like that)…I noticed that my sister’s kids had starting catering to my laziness by offering to play games on the couch…where I had parked my fat ass with no real intention of moving! How sad!!! Two sweet little babies want to play with me but I can’t be bothered because I was so out of shape?!? Ugh…it sounds so awful when I admit it to myself but it was my reality then however it doesn’t have to continue.

image image

I mean who feels good about saying no to these fun bunnies?!? Around these parts I’m known as Mo or Aunt Mo, Momo or WoMo if I’m with Wyatt! Wyatt christened me with the name when he was just a teeny weenie beanie bittle baby and initially it was aunt Mole-y so I was thrilled when it got shortened. Anyways, so Easter and my mom’s birthday came around this past weekend and I offered to throw the celebration at my house…because I live to throw a party! And also this gave me a little more control of the food (#controlismyfavorite). My fear was that my family would eventually get sick of me shoving paleo down their throats (literally cause that’s how you eat) so I really try to think of menus that can be modified so that no one feels deprived or that I’m trying to get them to join a grain free cult! (Which duh, I totally am winky face). Sooooooo, instead of a ham and multitudes of casseroles we celebrated Easter with a traditional….MEXICAN SPREAD…haha nothing says chicks and bunnies like guacamole and flank steak! It ended up being famazing (for those of you who don’t hang out with me and my sister…that means Fucking amazing). And it was a hit across the board.

image image image image

And yes…that is saffron rice on my plate…it is my weakness and it was totes worth it. Everything was delish to the extreme and nobody got overstuffed! Which is the exact opposite of every other holiday…ever! This gives me hope that I don’t have to go off the deep end to celebrate with the ones I love! Also, I’ve never really cooked before and I’ve discovered a total love for it and for feeding people…it literally feeds my soul!!!


It’s so creative and exciting and fulfilling. I think I always felt like a feminist and that cooking was so domestic (can you read the disgust in my tone)…but guess what I’ve learned?! There is nothing that makes me more of a feminist than being in control of my own nutrition and health and spreading that love to my family. After eating we did the egg hunt for the kids which was so fun! Also I found my object soul mate…they are called confetti eggs and you smash them…it made my porch look like ke$ha’s dressing room!

image image

Then the kids became obsessed with playing with the elliptical.

image image

I just kept thinking what an ideal scenario…for once everyone is on the same page health/exercise and intentions wise!!!! There really isn’t any temptations here and then I thought…we are going to be one fit little family. I feel so lucky to be a Beard that  I just can’t wipe this smile off my face. I want to again thank my family so much for the unconditional love and support that they shower me with everyday. Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe my life.
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Love you all and hug your families tonight!!

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  1. #HASHTAGS!!!! Awwww Mo! What a great post!!!! We are beyond blessed and lucky!!
    Love you & this!!!!

  2. I am in LOVE with your house! It is so whimsical, quirky, a little weird and FUN! I want to see more of it, and get details on all of the prints, and the creepy head… L O V E! Your blog is my new obsession. I’ve been doing Paleo for a while now, but really need to get serious on the exercise front. You girls have inspired me to get this body moving. One of my favorite-est Paleo cookbooks is the Well Fed collection by Melissa Joulwan (as well as her blog)… if you haven’t discovered her, find her… you will love her and her amazing recipes!!

    1. Thank you soooooo much…when you guys reach out it makes us want to work even harder! Good luck on your journey…working out was my hardest to get started but now I feel so strong (this is Sara by the way) that I can’t imagine going back!!! We will def post more about the weird art!!! And thanks for the bog and book recommendations!!! Xoxo

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