Two Meatballs: Get HardCORE and #fbf


You guyyyyyyys!!!!  First of all ewwww…look at my butt and that redneck hair! #traj! Another week has flown by…Happy Fat Back Friday. We found some real classics this week. Ps…you are welcome #getreadytolaugh
#orbarf! #orjudge #judgeyouamirightkelly


There is nothing better and by better I mean worse than a school pic!


Am I right ladies?!


This is ah-maaaaazing!!!!!


I’m literally about to barf…overeating started young!!!!

Ok…so an amazing woman named Sandra Axman reached out to us a couple of weeks ago! She is this super passionate personal trainer who owns Innovative Fitness Training and she offered to help us on our journey!


As Jenny said yesterday we sometimes struggle to get out of our comfort zone but immediately we decided to take her up on her generous offer!!! And you guys…we are so glad that we did!!!!!!!


First off she has the living best energy, she is gorgeous, has an ass to die for and she is so super passionate about what she does and she welcomed us with hugs (literally with open arms)…which you know we are all about. We walked into this cool facility off of Fairview Rd and saw all of these rope type things hanging from the ceiling…my first thought was Dammit!!!! But the training style is called trx and it was actually really fun!


I mean I don’t know if any more unflattering photo exists in the world but let me tell you this was an awesome work out! Sandra had us do several mini circuits! So we started off doing push ups and arm press things and crunch type things. Then we did wall sits (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) (#evenmyvaginahurtshaha) and held this bar thing above our head and did high steps?! Obvi we don’t know what anything was called! Then we got to battle with these bars in between doing squats…fun!!!

image image

I mean…who would want to mess with us?!? Then we did squats and wall balls…are you noticing a squats theme here guys?!


Anyways, with the best music bumpin’… an hour literally flew by. Sandra was so incredibly invested in our journey and super motivating! We were smelly, sweaty, red faced, out of breath and loving every minute of it by the end. This was actually the first time Jenny and I have been able to work out together since we started this whole blog/life change and SHOCKER it was soooooo fun. So thank you so much Sandra!!! We love you and we will be back!


If you guys need someone who is committed to your health and who will light a fun fire of fitness under your ass…Sandra Axman of Innovative Fitness Training is your woman. We can’t say enough positive things about her and our experience! Do yourself a favor … go see her, get your sweat on, get your health on, get your fitness on and get your life together! Call Sandra at (919) 601 3140 and set up your appointment today! Check out her website
Email her
Like her on Facebook at Innovative Fitness Training and follow her blog through her website!!! We love you Sandra!!!!! And to the meatball nation…we can’t thank you enough for your support! Have the living best weekend!!!!



  1. Hey!!! I recognize that place. Core Fitness. That’s where I am 3 days a week!! Love love love it too!! You go girls!!!! That sounds like one hell of a workout!! Keep up the good work y’all!!!

      1. No- I work out with katherine who owns the CORE fitness studio. My results in 8 weeks have been fantastic!!

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