Two Meatballs: #grateful #fatbackfriday


Fat Back Friday!

Ohhhhhh emmmmmmm geeeeeee you guys!!! We could not appreciate your support any more!!!!!! We woke up on a high from yesterday’s awesome weigh in!!! We both woke up feeling overwhelmingly grateful…for everything. We are grateful for the support, for each other, for the success we are gaining (or losing haha), for the weather, for our fabulous and friends, for our jobs (I got a promotion yesterday ahhhh!).


We just feel so inspired to give back even more now. It’s time to sign up for a charity 5k…we are going to do some research but we would love to organize a literal team meatball to run with us!!! I mean how much fun would that be?!? We will keep you posted…now onto the fun of it!!! Happy Fat Back Friday!!! Also, we love hearing from you!!! Please comment on our posts and tell us your stories! Email us your #fbf pictures to or post your comments on the Two Meatballs Get Fit page on Facebook or twomeatballsgetfit on Instagram!!! We love you!!! Have a great weekend and one again…(yelling this) THANK YOU!!!!




I hate this picture more than life itself...but I love the people in it!!


I was so fat but I still love it!


I look like such a bitch


I was so happy and so miserable all at one time


What a shocker...I was drinking!


Look at those bussums...that's the first place I gain!

#enjoy #hopeyouenjoyourtragicpast #nicetoseehowfaryouvecome #loveyall


  1. I love you guys!!! So excited at how big your message and journey is and how many people are hearing your voices!!! Amazing!!!!!!

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