Two Meatballs: Me and a Mini-ME-atball

Weigh in Weigh in Weigh in!!!!! It’s Jenny and our weigh in is right around the corner. I’m so pumped!!  I want to work as hard as I can this week to get off as much weight as possible.  I always start the day off with the best intentions.  Some days are ok but a lot of days something happens mid day to throw me into a total tail spin.  Whenever I feel a little overwhelmed, or just hit with an  uncomfortable situation, comfort food is my go to.  Well I had my fabulous weekend as you saw and the next day my poor baby London was so stinking sick.  It has been a lingering, snot fest for a while.  We did our best to let it run its course naturally. But two Months was our and I’m  sure her, breaking point. Hint Hint feeling a touch of anxiety coming on!!!!!

photo (2)


My Instincts told me to make her a comfy bed on the couch, a little snack of apples and grapes, and FROZEN!  A selfish Fav!!! I must admit a teeny tiny part of me loves  sick days.  She is so cuddly!!! And I LOVE it!!!!  But I really hate seeing her tired and sad mostly!!



This kiddo loves a selfie!!!

photo (1)So we had to give her antibiotics.  Which smells like strawberries and taste like candy.  She Effing loves it!   We share a sweet tooth.  She has to take that for 4 weeks. Which seems really long!  And she has to take a nasal spray.   OMG  she hates that.  She walks around the house covering her nose with her hands.  It is kinda funny watching her try to do everyday things all while  keeping her nose covered. ADORABLE! Brandon is the official Medicine Man in our house! haha

20140527_195631So I was still doing well. I made some chicken thighs and roasted carrots and tomatoes for dinner.  And then this happened!!


It was time for bed and London was just unable to settle herself.  Which just breaks my heart.   She was crying and sweating and saying Mommy lay down!!  So I did 🙂 One day London is going to be so upset that I shared the snottiest and sweatiest picture of her!    Anyway…. I rubbed her back until she passed out.  So I got up and left and went down stairs.  Just I got down she stated screaming and crying again.  Her cry does something to me that I can’t explain.  I want to run upstairs and just hold her all night .   And take all the bad feelings away  But I know I can’t.  And the logical part of me knows it does not teach her to cope and sooth herself independently.


So in the meantime I want to throw this thing across the room and eat a carton of ice cream!  But I don’t , I sit on the couch and talk myself out of doing anything irrational like throwing down on some Birthday cake confetti Ice cream.  We don’t even own that.   But that would probably be my go to.  🙂  While this is going on, my whole personality changes.  I’m in some kinda warped mommy mode.  I had to cancel my cooking date with Sara…..boooooo! 😦  I had to be home with my Londy 🙂

The next day we all woke up in a great mood.  But I really wanted to make everything as easy as possible.  I had been wanting a kale breakfast smoothie but the thought of making that mess this morning was my nightmare.  So I bought one! And it was Felicious!


Well The week is almost over.  One more Workout with Sandra.  Gotta go hard!!!!   I have to be healthy for my family!!!!  So I can always help take care of them!!!  Thanks for your support everyone.  muuuuuaahhhh!!  See ya!



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