Two Meatballs: Fat Back Friday and MeatBALLS BALLS BALLS!!!




please believe that I ate it!


bahahahahha…I love this pic so much!


I’m happy to say that we are starting to run out of these!!! It’s crazy to look back…we thought we were soooo thin! hahah, now all I can think is SWOLLEN!!! Happy Friday you guyyyys…how  was your week!?  We have a lot on our minds as our next big weigh in approaches…the 1st is Sunday so we will post the results on Monday!!!!We are nervous and excited.  Time to see what we’re made of am I right ladies!?  So what’s the best way to get your ass ready for the scale…you are never even going to guess…oh you did….and you’re right!!!!  We went to go see our fitness idol and bad ass trainer, Sandra Axman of Innovative Fitness Training located inside of CORE Fitness studios on the Wade Ave access ramp off of Capital Blvd.  We sooo look forward to this every week even though it is so hard that I go cross eyed from time to time! Today was a dooooooozy.  As per yoosh…we were early and jackasses…


whyyyyyy are we so bad a this you ask yourself…because we are short with t-rex arms!!!


showing off our intensity and new workout gear!!! Thanks to Fleet Feet, Old Navy and Torrid!


our smoking hot trainer!!! CALL HER!!!


OK so first we had 4 little circuits to alternate through.  There were wall sits with bar raises


Then sit on a mat and pick up a slam ball and rainbow it (ball overhead then slam, then pick up ball overhead to the other side)


Then walking slam balls


And lastly overhead shoulder bar work


Then we did mother frogging side planks with hip thrusts…this was ugly and there are no pictures bc she was doing them with us. Then we had to put our legs straight into the air and do a sit up and then bicycle crunches…this is really when I start to irrationally hate Sandra…but it fades quickly winky face.

fbf22 fbf23

I realize that these are all of Jenny but  I’m coming don’t you worry!


Sneak attack!

Then we moved on to a kettle bell circuit where we alternated through 5 exercises

The first was deadlifts, then kettle bells swings, rainbows, clean and presses and kettle bell squats then bring the bell up to your chin!!!  #hellonearth #ketttlebully #ivegottoberippednowright


Then we did a medicine ball circuit with 4 exercise that we alternated…

We did medicine ball raises with jumping jacks (or jazz steps bc of my foot!), Then right and left side wood cutters!?  I think that’s right and then clean and presses on tippy toes!


Next was wall balls (are you noticing a ball theme here guys?!) then overhead tricep wall balls!


Then trx bicep curls and tricep things


And then we laid on the floor and put our feet into the trx straps and did scissor kicks and running man things (do you hate us Sandra we retain NOTHING!)


Then it was over thank goodness!


We were so wiped that we couldn’t smile!!! But we got it back together quickly!


I’ve become obsessed with this app on my phone called pic stich!!!  I can’t stop doing before and afters!  So enjoy these mad collage skills and your rainy weekend!  We love you…ps we’ve had more meatball sightings!  I got stopped in Whole Foods by one of Cara’s clients and my sister got stopped at her pool by a lovely woman!  Thank you guys sooooo much for reading and supporting this journey that we are on!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

a2 a1

I wouldn’t mess with these bad bitches!!!!





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