Best friend hugs

The last of the hug stories!!!!

My Year of Hugs

This is the last of 4 stories from Two Meatballs Get Fit gals. It comes from Sara and is about her best friend, Katie. They have been best friends for 30 years!

Sara set up the moment by talking about airport moments, you know those scenes in the movies when two people are so excited to see each other they run toward each other in dramatic slow motion and hug so tight. Katie has been living in another city for six years so this past Easter when she came to visit Sara couldn’t get to her fast enough. She ran through the airport and lived out her own airport hug.

My favorite though was another hug story she shared about Katie. They were hugging when Sara said, “Come, lay on top of me.” Katie isn’t quite as affectionate as Sara so she was like, “Whaaattt?” Total misunderstanding. Sara had actually said…

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