Two Meatballs: I am not my hair….lalalala

Well I started my week with a haircut!!!!  And it feels amazing.  Here is my before pic.


Here I am processing!!  I always love this look, like I have a shit ton of hair!!!


Getting blowout out by this cutie Melanie!!!!!!


And  done!!  I have a really hard time being the client… impatient! #thingstoworkon


I always hear women say they want to lose weight before they cut their hair…… This always killed me a little bit, that we feel like we have to be thinner to pull off short hair.  As if my long hair has disguised these big powerful thighs..haha. Who cares live your life!!!!!!  Am I right ladies?!?!  We put way to many rules on ourselves.  Just go for it.    I have had so many different haircuts as well as body shapes!!   It is crazy to look back and see the differences.  It is funny …….the times I look best are the ones I am genuinely happy in.  “Happy girls are the prettiest” Audrey Hepburn .  Love her!  I have always tried to remember that and definitely  want to instill that in London .


This is an older one ,I was heavier then with short hair.


Here is a pic from high school, I need everyone to know I cut my own pixie!!!!  It was one of those days I was feeling very powerful!  Lovvvvve how I felt!!

wpid-20140418_081025.jpg Ok not my fav look but like It because I felt soooooo strong!!!!

Here are some randoms

wpid-img_1902192978149367.jpeg wpid-img_2254809798006031.jpeg





This past winter I really wanted to have long hair, it was right after that picture of Sara and I in the green cat shirts  you all know as our before pic.  So I got extensions!!!!!


So do whatever makes you happy! I know I did.


I am trying to practice this attitude in everything I do.  For too long I have had to many rules for what perfection meant to me.  So I am becoming a yes girl to all new ideas I encounter,  so hello body pump on a Sunday !  I never worked out on Sundays in the past, but now a days I m starting to crave it. I am also look for more variety n my workouts.

wpid-20140810_153622.jpg wpid-20140808_155402.jpg

So then I made a yummy paleo dinner for the family, pork tenderloin carrots and asparagus!  Delicious!!!!!

wpid-20140810_113800.jpg wpid-20140810_190403.jpg

I even made time to put together a “potty prize” bucket, that doesn’t include any candy!

wpid-20140810_074133.jpg She has not used the potty all weekend!  Wtf

love you guys! Thank you for all the constant support!!!!!


  1. Love the new look!! And thank you for the Audrey quote, it’s hard to remember that sometimes, but it’s so true.

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