Two Meatballs: Humble Pie


Can you believe it has been six months you guyyyyyyyyyys!?!?  We are so completely in love with everyone who reads and supports this journey!!!!  Your outpouring of love and your kind words are so incredibly inspiring and super humbling to us…you guys have no idea!!!  Thanks so much to each and every one of you.  You guys helped us demolish our old record of 1686 views in a single day. We hit…drumroll please…2,125 views!!!!!!!  I love breaking records!!!




Maybe it was the risque photos?!!? #tastefulsideboob #powerfulthighs #cardsagainsthumanityanyone?!



We are spreading all over the world!!!! #meatballnationliterally


We also picked up some new likes on Facebook….we are trucking towards a thousand!!!!



And our fav celeb friends are supporting us too!!!  #wecoulddie



Now its time for some good ol’ before and afters…lets see this progress!!!

wpid-mycollage_57.pngwpid-mycollage_244.png wpid-mycollage_59.pngwpid-mycollage_242.png

It’s crazy!!!!  But these next ones always pack the biggest punch!!!  The first weigh in to now…

wpid-mycollage_248.pngwpid-mycollage_247.png wpid-mycollage_241.pngwpid-mycollage_240.png

We want to thank Cara again for these amazing pictures!!!  We had the living best time and we love you so much!!!



And Tiffanie for our makeup..we have never felt prettier!!! Love you!!!


So besides the big thank you to everyone we also thought we would close with some six month revelations!


Sara’s thoughts…I have learned that I will spend the rest of my life trying to keep myself in check.  I thought that on this journey you would hit a point where everything was just second nature and that making the right decisions all the time was a thing…like an attainable goal.  But what I have found is that I need to have frequent check ins with myself to stay on track and I think that that is actually a better way for me to live life.  If I am constantly checking in I can stay aware and help myself continue to evolve and change into a healthier person while still living and enjoying life.  I have learned that drinking  and smoking were holding me back in so many ways.  It is so much easier to be genuinely who you are all the time when you aren’t constantly apologizing for the dumb shit you did when you were drunk. I used to gravitate towards very casual relationships before bc I was leading such a destructive lifestyle that I didn’t want anyone who hadn’t already accepted me for who i was to have any input on my life. At the time I didn’t want to change or have anyone judge the way I lived so I built huge walls and refused to be emotionally intimate with significant others.  It feels really good now to not have anything to hide and to want to let people in.  I’ve learned that I love exercising bc I looooove feeling powerful and not pitiful. #badbitch #loveyousandraI like that I am starting to look like who I have always felt like. #badbitch  I love having a platform to help people feel confident and capable and in control and accepting of themselves. I have learned that nothing replaces a great support system and I am  so glad to have surrounded myself with the best, most accepting people on earth. I’ve learned that as soon as we do the weigh in we will probably eat sushi and then fuck up for the next couple of days…



bc it feels good in the moment #reelitin #getyourheadinthegamebeard and bc sometimes its really hard to change the reward system that is hardwired into you.  But most of all I have learned that my life is so much happier getting healthier with my best friend and that finding joy in the things that you are choosing to do is the way that I want to spend every single day.  I am grateful every single day for this experience and that you all have decided to join us.  This was the way this was supposed to happen…with my best friend…through a blog at this exact time in my life.  Thank you so much.  Love you more.


Jenny’s thought……..I deserve to take care of myself.   I deserve to feel this good. Health has made its way to my priority list forever.  It is ok to put myself first. And it is ok to struggle!   I am beginning to feel like this is how it was always meant to be.  I feel full of control.  The need for certain foods is going away.  My diet helps me stay active, and I think that is what I’m loving most about my new lifestyle.  I am experiencing life more with my family and friends.  On the weekends I live in my gym  clothes, knowing I will be more likely to jump at the opportunity of doing physical activities.  All the stuff my family does together feels more like quality time.  So my love tank is feeling more full which is so good for me.!!!!  Life is overwhelming….period and I can not let that silly statement stop me from being successful.  I have become more grateful for every single thing in my life.  I never knew I would feel more connected to my life!!??! But it is true.  And I can not do this without the tremendous amount of love in my life.  And like Sara said, this is exactly how this  journey was support to happen. With  my fucking BFF!!!!!!  We need each other in so many ways.  I love her to pieces and  look forward to the next 6 months and the rest of our lives with each other on the others side!!!!!  Love you and all you have brought to my life!!!!!  Muahhhhh




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