Two Meatballs: Coconut Milk and Paleo Cooookies!!!

It’s that time again…time to cook!!! And time for fall dammit…where is that cool weather!?  So in an effort to bring on the fall leaves, boots, football and fires we decided to be stereotypically white and make pumpkin breakfast cookies!!!  #notinournature I can’t stand a pumpkin spice latte but I do love a cookie…especially for breakfast!! #thisiswhywerefat We of course found the recipe on pinterest…


We switched it up and went to Jenny’s…


We set out the ingredients…


Then we lost focus…



Then we got our heads in the game and started cooking…here comes the dry ingredients!!!


Then the wet ingredients…


Then it was time to mix, chop and assemble…


Thennnn…it was time to bake…and a coffee break!


The house smells great and it’s time to try a cookie!!!


They were sooo interesting. They are very savory and seem to be missing something…we decided next time we will add dark chocolate chips!!! Here is to healthy cheats!!!  Love you guys!  And come on fallllll.get here already!


  1. They were soooo interesting is the funniest endorsement ever!
    #thisiswhywerefat & white girl thing!!! HA!!!!!
    It doesn’t matter if I don’t give a toot about what you’re writing about….it’s always funny!!!!
    And the cooking pictures are always so sexual! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Breakfast cookies sound great! So I noticed the recipe said NOT to use Bob’s Red Mill brand almond flour, but you all did. Any sense why they said it wouldn’t work with that brand??

    1. Well…that may have been why they were gross!!! Jenny and I are not known for paying close attention to detail haha…totally missed that in the recipe!!! A lot of recipes say to steer clear of that brand but sometimes depending on the store it’s your only option! I don’t know if there is something in there that is a little less than paleo friendly or of people just have had bad experiences! I will say the cookies were dry as all get out so maybe that’s it!!! If you’re going to make them def use more eggs and some chocolate chips!!!

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