Two Meatballs: October will you end already?!?!?!

So this weekend was full of festivities!!! I love the fall in north carolina!  With that comes crazy amounts of food. And not just any kind of food, double deep fried foods. Wtf!! Hows a girl suppost to get healthy around here?? We started the weekend in High Point to celebrate my mother in law(Alisa) and her marriage to Bennett!!! So happy for them!! We went to the Grandover in Greensboro for the most decadent brunch ever!!!!


Here we are before our food comas


This is Brandon`s grandma and Londons great grandma!!! Sooo cuttte!!!
So I decided to run around with London to work off all the dessert!

image image

Photo shoot on the bike.


Then it was back home for an amazing Oribe class at Samuel Cole!!!   I love learning more and more about what I do. These classses always inspire me to make everything beautiful, and a reminder of how much fun my job is!!!  When I am so enthralled in work I dont even think about food.    Im in a total happy place!!  Pizza was provided that day, but I stayed strong and had a salad from whole foods! Life saver!!! Yumm


Look at these cuties!!!

image image image image

Tony Caldwell was fantastic!   Cant wait for him to come back.  Then a spontaneous trip to the fair!!!!!   I didnt eat anything to crazy!  I had a bite of a corn dog, roasted corn, a cheese stick and a couple of bites of a candy apple!!   We had so much fun walking all over the place,  we milked a cow, rides dog show, face painting and pigs!!!!!

image image image image image image

That face!!!! Weigh in is coming and im freaking out a little bit!!!!!  Crazy weekends leads to gains!!!! Shiiiittttt!! 


  1. London is so adorable with that face paint!!!! I am not sure how you can go to the fair and not eat all the deep fried treats!!!! #willpower See you tonight Jenny.

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