Two meatballs: Lanes, wheels and Southern Seasons

Heyyyy you guys remember my buddy Darla!!!!



So Darla came into Raleigh this weekend…and I had to see her!! She is the kind of friend you don’t have to talk to and when you reunite it is as if time hasn’t passed!!!! #easyfriendships  So we spent the evening at North Hills. It was so busy.  Our plan was to go to Cowfish,( greAt I can get sashimi)but they were on a 2 hour wait soooooo we went to Piola.  OMG… is such a slippery slope for me.  Well here we go.  It was delicious!


After that that we went to Kings for some bowling, to work off that pizza!




Thats kind of how mind works these days.  Always seeking a physical aspect to our outings!!! It can’t just be about eating…which is exactly what it was in the past!!  We had the best time!!! We were laughing all night long…..not to mention I won!!!!!!! Every strike I got,  did a touch down dance!!!  Which I rehurse at home from time to time ;).  It was now time to say goodbye to my dear friend !  Loved spending every minute together!!!!

Early Sunday morning I was invited by my amazing client and friend…Lindy , to join her at FLY WHEEL.   Ummmmm yesss please….something new!!!!  Basically it is a cycle class , but you are competing with the other cyclist in the class….there were about 35 people there that morning.  There is a screen everyone can see with stats on it as well as a ranking.   So I got a tour  before class and  a pair of shoes for my bike.




It was an awesome workout! I sweat my ass off!!!  My butt is killing me….but I think that’s normal.    It was challenging.  But all my workout with Sandra had me prepared for it.   Our instructor was Britney !!!  She was fantastic.  And guess what…… I came in 6th place!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!


Thanks Lindy!! Loved it.




Ok next on the list…… school with my mom, sister, brother and his girlfriend Cristi at Southern Seasons!!!



Our instructor that day was David Hirsch.   He is from Ithaca ny.  And head chef at the Moosewood Restaurant.  He cooks most vegetarian dishes with a Mediterranean flare!!!  On the menu….tofu falafels, potato and leek soup, beets and onions on greens, country moussaka, kale slaw, and Apple spice cake.  It was delicious and healthy!!! He spoke about being a chef in our changing world, full of vegans, gluten intolerances, and paleo people like us!!!!  He was full of knowledge and so damn likable!!!

wpid-20141116_142404.jpgwpid-20141116_142357.jpgwpid-20141116_143826.jpg wpid-20141116_135809.jpgwpid-20141116_150416.jpgwpid-20141116_161451.jpg


It was so great spending time with my favorite people.  They are the most supportive family!  Love you guys!!!!!   It was an awesome weekend… Soooo much fun!!!!  Surrounded by great people!!!!! #lovetankfull.














  1. What a fun weekend JENNY!!! I feel like your family could be honorary Cannina’s!!!! I don’t think I spelled that right! Jean Tedrow and your mom are twins!!!!

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