Two Meatballs: Sleeping Beauty?!?

Ok……so I started letting you know how over whelmed I was getting last week.  I didn’t mention how bad my sleep deprivation had gotten.   I kinda reached my breaking point this weekend.  I needed help!!!!!!  Being raised in a traditional Italian home, I saw my mom manage the home , the children and work.  She busted her ass without complaint.  I have taken on this role in my home. I’m just not as good  at hiding it like my mom did.  Well ladies guess what….. It’s 2014, and I’m just not built that way!!!!!  Having a child has really F~up my sleeping!!!!

Look at this sweet little London !



Who knew then, life would change in every way?!?!  When she was an infant I was up and every 2 1/2 hours at night.   I was so exhausted!!! My motivation to do much during the day was low.  Forget working out!  And eating like shit was my only comfort. Here I am at my highest weight and totally exhausted!!!!!



Thing definitely got easier as she began sleeping through the night.  Well we have entered a new phase.  She is testing every limit.  She is 2 1/2 years old. The last month and half have been rough.  She just recently became unbearable to put down to sleep. My anxiety would get high as we approached bed time.  London would beg and scream for another book, or to use the potty.  Or even said she was hungry!  She would also beg for you to rub her back, again and again.  I would have to slip out of her room without making a peep.  If she opened her eyes and saw you leaving, shit would hit the fan and I would have to start all over.   She finally would fall asleep until she would wake up at 4:30am, refusing to go back to bed. Every morning!!!   I hit my breaking point and realized something needed to change…..spoiler apart….it was me!!!   She has been testing the limits and I failed!!!   I reached out to my incredile client Sue, a bit of a child expert,and told her about our bedtime issues.  She was excited to bring back this booklet on toddler bed time.

We  made a sleep chart and used the recommended gradual approach . The sleep chart is a check list for the child. They can put stickers next to every completed activity  before bedtime , such as brush teeth, and take a bath.  This was very exciting for london



Suuuuue!!!! This has really changed my life!  I had forgotten how much power and influence I have on London.  Thank you sue!!!! You are the living best!!  My words have become more power with London in so many different ways.

We are both so happy when we both sleep through the night!



And she immediately responded well to this new approach, as well as the “gradual” dialogue . So I decided to google sleep deprivation and find out exactly what i was dong to my body


Sleep deprivation is no joke…..and here’s why

1. You can be a dumb dumb

2 . Forgetful

3. Car accident s happen more often!

4. Weight GAIN!!!!!!!

5. Stroke

6. Low sex drive

7. Poor decision making

8. Makes ur skin look like shit!

9. Early death

10. Depression

i m feeling so much better and powerful!!!! So why not celebrate with a workout!!!!




I went at 3pm after work and had the place to mYself!!!!



Took  a selfie at the end and I woman walked in on me as I was taking this pictue!


I always feel the need to say “I write a blog!!! Don’t judge me!!!!). Anyway, I couldn’t be happier and I need to the sleep gods to keep doing their thing.  # happywifehappylife #icantlikethat #happymomma #healthygirls

Loving this journey, the good the bad and the ugly!! London keep on sleeping, mommy needs to lose some weight!!!   Love you guys and thank you for ur support!!!






  1. I love this blog Jenny!!! And have gone through this with both boys! Even now at 8 & 4 bedtime is still a struggle!!! But you’re so right! We have the power! Remembering it is the hard part! Love you!! Miss you!

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