Two Meatballs: have a merry LITTLE!!!!!!!! Christmas.

We are so close to Christmas!!! And so much smaller this Christmas then we were last year!!  London’s excitement is contacious in my house.  And I am feeling that crazy last minute rush as we approach Christmas Eve.  I love my family so much.   Anytime we get together, it turns into a party, where games and rough housing are encouraged!!  Now that we are all grow, we no longer do the big present exchange we once did.  We do that game……you know which one……ummmm the one where you bring a gift and then you grab a gift and you can steal other peoples gifts.  I play to win!!!!  Stealing is my favorite!!!

I love my moms house at Christmas!


Some got a beautiful beverage bucket , that London lived in the whole day!


I got a Wok and Chop sticks!!!!!!!!  #loveasianfood #sopaleo


I also walked away with a coffee grinder and some exotic coffees and teas!!!!  I love coffee!!!



Totally got my work out in!!!  We were having the best time! That little girl was working my thighs!!!


After dinner we drove around the North Raleigh Area and found the most amazing”Grisswald” house, cued up to music, light show!


We literally sat there for 3omins

Now…on to the last day before our Christmas break!!!

Tacky sweater and Potluck day!!!!  I can not believe it has been a year…we have changed soooo much!!


I am so proud of us!!  We can do this!!!  And it does have to do with the amazing support we have received.   Our bosses Jack and Joelle are the most thoughtful humans!  I know that want to see us succeed and that feels so good!!  Thank you, J&J, for always thinking of us!!!  love you!  Looking at this picture keeps me inspired and makes me remember why we started and focus on the journey ahead.  I am sitting at work right now as I write this blog and silent night is playing and I am having a holiday reflective moment!  Look at SARA!!!!  She is an incredieble friend, that I want to see everyday! I can not imagine my life without this person.   And you guys reading the blog today know how special she is, I don’t have to tell you!!!  Any whoooooo   the rest of the salon looked extra adorbs in their tacky sweaters!!


Look at this cute group!!!


The clever Dempsey

wpid-20141223_085447.jpg wpid-2014122395091118.jpgwpid-2014122395091256.jpg

The devil!!!


J&J brought a super paleo HAM!!!! This picture turned out much weirder then I attended!! ooops


We brought some green stuff!!!!!!!


Best day at work!!!!  I can’t wait to see what next year looks like!!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas YALL!!   Don’t forget about Our weigh in coming up!!!   Our next post will be Tuesday December 29th…….And Fleet Feet’s Raleigh Losses a Ton is About to KICK OFF, JANURARY 3rd!!!   Come see us!!!


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