Two Meatballs: the HYPE is real now let’s workout!!!!

Christmas definitely happened at the salon!! And my clients are soooo cute, instead of chocolate this year, they are fully supporting me and made me pickles!!!!!!  Hahaha so amazing Sarah Rose!!!!




christmas officially happened at our house this year.  London is almost 3, and this year the “hype” was real!!!!  it was so much fun!!!!  I could not wait to see London’s face that morning.  And I could not wait to share our favorite traditions with her.   Brandon and I are big children if you didn’t know…so we both still get really pumped for the holidays!  And holy shit our December was just slammed with family activities.  Shit really changes when you have a child,  she is everyone’s little piece of Christmas magic.  And everyone wanted to share this time with her.  It is really exciting to see everyone else light up when she is around.  So we got dressed to do our traditional Christmas eve dinner at Brandon’s aunt and uncle’s house!




I think London is already half my height!!!!




I started the night with cocktails!!!



So London got to spend some time with her great grandparents!!!




While Brandon and I chowed down on the best steaks!  Ummm super paleo!!




London and grandma!



And then london got so many presents!

wpid-20141224_201519.jpg wpid-20141224_200601.jpg


And Brandon..with his new north face”deans” jacket



This group loves Christmas !!  And now we need to go bed because Santa is coming…..and yes santa ate all the cookies!!!! And some carrots…..they neutralize each other out right?!??

and then we woke up and played all morning!



She also got a lot of art supplies and a cupcake tea party set!!! and I was super excited to give Brandon his electric guitar! It is more fun giving for suuuuuure!!!!




And then we went to my moms and she got a car!!!



And we spent the rest of the day chasing her around making sure she didn’t hit anyone!



It was great spending so much time with my family and I loved it, but it was nice to get back into our routine…I was so exhausted!!!!! All the build up got to me and I crashed hard.  Maybe it was the abundance of decadent food finallY catching with me.  so we started with new shoes! Red just like peppy pig!



And it was great having a paleo meal again after my sugar crash!!



Glad to be back in the swing and totally looking forward to working with fleet feet this Saturday!!!! January 3rd 10am to 2 at their Wade Ave location!!!!!  We will be there all day, hanging out and kicking off Raleigh losses a ton!!! Come work out with us, we are are so excited to be there!!!! Love you guys thank you for all the support!!!





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