Two Meatballs: How Much Fun Can Two Meatballs Have…A TON!!!!

The wait is finally over!!!  We’ve cleaned up the mess from the weigh in…


And January 3rd has finally arrived and the kickoff to Fleet Feet Sports Raleigh’s Ton of Fun was upon us! If you haven’t heard yet, this is a fantastic initiative started by Fleet Feet Raleigh to unite the community to collectively lose 2000 pounds…together!


You guyyyys, this was our first major event…where we had a booth!!!!!  So exciting and we were so honored that they even wanted us to be a part of it!!!  And we were kind of nervous all at the same time…what will it be like, what should we wear, ugh its raining and cold but we are going to be working out but need to look cute right!?…you know that kind of important stuff! #imablogger  But we put our big girl workout pants on and and packed up our things and headed to the Wade Ave Fleet Feet!


We brought our chalkboard #sosmart, our most stunning before and after pic on a magnet board, our KC Batik #meatballnation tanks, we got little business cards made with all of our social media avenues printed on them #grown,


my kitchen table cloth, two sets of R+Co products to raffle off and our shiny bright attitudes and loud mouths…I’m not sure I realized that we only talk in yells!!!  I mean, somebody look at this booth!


We got put right in front of the sports bras which seemed perfectly fitting (pun intended) and we were instantly distracted by all of the shopping that we wanted to do! #FOCUS


We were joined for the event by all the amazing coaches and fit specialists at Fleet Feet…


Paul from ASICS…


This little cutie, Jenn from Roots…


And the awesome group from Empower Personalized Fitness Raleigh…our next door neighbor booth…


After we set up and met everyone (and took a million pictures haha), we joined the group walk at 10am with coach Mary Ashley whom we instantly fell in love with and lots of lovely ladies!!!  Walking outside is a total foreign concept to us!!!


While we were walking which btw…walking outside is amazeballs…hello nature…we ran into my client Catherine and her husband Harry #smallworld and our good buddy Nikki’s good buddy!!!  I love a small big town!


It was so fun chatting it up with everyone and before you knew it the mile was over!!! #success


As soon as we walked back in I spotted my sweet client Karen…she was signing up for the challenge!!!


And getting fit for new shoes and checking out all the Empower Fitness has to offer!!!



Then I turned around and there was my sweet pal Meg…she also signed up for Ton of Fun and we talked about a paleo dinner night and yoga class for the blog!!! #letsdoit #someonetellLila


And then the entire Puckett clan showed up, signed up, got shoes and worked out! Love y’all!


Our buddy Natalie stopped by and signed up too!!!! #missyou


We had so many visitors and so much support from loved ones!!!


My sister dropped by and sweetly surprised us!!!  Jenny has named her the President of our fan club! Then my super supportive parents came in and my dad even broke his ultra white New Balance obsession by getting a new pair of kicks!!!


#twinning #ilovewhenmyclientsmeetmyfamily

Speaking of new kicks…Paul from ASICS gave us both new shoes…our first corporate swag!!!!!!!! I’ve never been so in love with a colorful pair of shoes before!!!  AND sooooo grateful!


We did not understand what was happening at all and were convinced that we had heard him wrong and that we would be accused of shoplifting haha…he came up and said I want you to try some shoes, give me your sizes.  So he came back and said keep them!  And we were like, and then give them back?!? Like test them out in this class and then return them!?!…it seemed too good to be true.  We asked him to confirm a thousand times that he meant that these awesome new ASICS were living with us forever…AND THEY WERE! Ugh, thank you soooo much! #ASICSfanforlife

Then the ladies of Fleet Feet fit us for a new sports bra that they wanted us to test out…swag number two of the day!!! Ahhhhhhhh, everyone is so kind and y’all are really helping us get fit…in style!!! #icantstopbeingcheesy




Then the raffles began!!!  Karen won a month of free classes at Empower and a pair of socks from ASICS…best day ever!


Sweet Sue won our prize!


Sue came in with her friend Petra and told us an awesome story about how they met! #hiphopdancingbesties


We joined these awesome ladies and our new pal Yolonda for a noon workout class with Empower!  This class was no joke!  Here is the before of our group!


Let me just say, it was freezing and raining…and we were working out in the most crowded parking lot in Raleigh…talk about outside of your comfort zone…but when at a Ton of Fun…


We did a self paced three round circuit.  The first round you did each exercise 20 times, then 10 times and then finally 5!  This was sooo hard…but the music was great and Tiffany walked us through the exercises!


Then we warmed up…#grapevine


And the competition began…whoever finishes first wins a water bottle!


Jenny got first and I came in second!!!  We have come soooo far!


It was so fun participating in all the events and getting to know everyone.  We are actually participating in the challenge to lose a ton of weight!!!  So we both signed up and got weighed in!



And wrote down our goals for the next 12 weeks!


Ok now it’s time to hydrate from these ass kicking workouts! Time to visit Mary Ashley’s booth!



All of the sudden it was almost 2 and the day was winding down. You guyyys…sooooo many people showed up!  I think in store they had 40 people sign up for the challenge.  We met some incredible people and got to work with some really awesome folks.  It is hard not to feel inspired to get fit and lose a ton of weight when you are surrounded by so many fitness advocates.  It was also really cool to play both sides of the fence here.  On one hand we were here to share our story and show that anyone can save their own lives and find their path to fit and to remind people that getting healthy takes a village.  On the other hand we are literally participants in this challenge bc we are both still overweight and wanting another layer of community and accountability. The class and walk were amazing.  Meeting so many people who are on the same journey and encountering the same post holiday struggles as we are was incredibly bonding.  And to everyone that we know who came out to support us and this amazing program…we love y’all so much!!!  Honestly it really means the world.  And to everyone that we got to meet and had the pleasure of working with, being inspired by and working out with…we are so glad to add you to our circle of workout buddies and accountability partners.  Jacob, Carrie and Natalie, Carter and everyone else at Fleet Feet, thank you so much for welcoming and embracing two loud, childlike nuts.  This was a blast…it was literally a Ton of Fun!!! If you didn’t get a chance to come out, there is still time to sign up!


Another blurry pic courtesy of my delayed phone! #upgradeya Love y’all.


  1. Ohhhhh my God, I’M IN THE BLOG!!!!!! It was great to be with a super encouraging bunch of people that day. Thanks so much for promoting this event, you guys… I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Great start to the New Year! #tonoffun #fleetfeet #meatballnation

  2. Ultra white New Balance obsession!!!!! Ha ha ha ha!! It’s so funny because it’s true!!
    I gratefully accept the position of President of your fan club!!!! That’s my favorite! Love you guys the most!!!

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