Two Meatballs: #indecisive

It’s that time of year!!! The Bobbies are upon us!  So excited……..I know Sara and Joelle have been busting their butts this entire month preparing for the most fun night  of the year!  What is a girl to wear.   The first week of January Sara and I went shopping and I found something really cute in 15 minutes.  Wow!! That was a first!  Shopping in regular stores really helps.   I have so many more options these days.   Shopping really helps me control my food intake. Because I stay busy and I enjoy it so much.  So of course I couldn’t keep myself from looking for as many different options as possible. Needless to say…….I returned what Sara and I bought in the beginning of the month.  So it is 5 days before the bobbies and I have finally decided on what to wear.  Do I work well under pressure????? Am I that indecisive?????? Am I trying to fill my time with shopping so I don’t eat?????? Have I traded in my food addiction for a shopping one??????  All of it!!!!!!   Well come on this journey with me!!!!   I started at h&m.


Oh wow what a cute dress!!!    A great way to squash a good mood………..try on something that can’t go over your boobs.  And of course while you are trying to get into it you hear the infamous sound of seams being busted!!



Ok!  Well let’s try something on to get spirits high again!



Adorable……..I don’t need this right now!!! Bye bye flannel.  Hello tight dress!



I can see my belly button……..that won’t work….ahhhhhh and so tight!   Next store…….express!!!!



Well i I like this !!!!   But I am kind of short for this skirt length.  Not sure…….I.need To bring it home and check my own mirror!!! Mirrors are all different….right?????? That’s a thing?!?!  On to Verona.


Not bAd…but I should probably take my shoes off,  not cute! #ladieswalkingontheirlunchbreaks.   And let me just take a moment and say….a year ago I would have never gone shopping in my tennis shoes!!!!  I feel more active when I wear them.

I just don’t like this next one.



This is one doesn’t fit.



Love be this wine color dress



Hate  the shape!!! #nightgown



And here are the others!!!



wpid-20150119_112105.jpgwpid-20150119_120719.jpgGoing back for these jeans!








that was fun!!! I think I buy and return because I love shopping.  Well I am sure you will see us on Facebook this weekend and you can see what we both wore.  Love you guys!!! Crazy people don’t know they are crazy, just sayin!!!!




  1. Ummmm, JENNY!!!!! You are so tiny!!!! That minty first dress looks so good on your body! Little baby waist! And I love that Express outfit!
    Can’t wait to see you Saturday!!!!!

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