Two Meatballs: I’ve gotta fevah and the only prescription is pizza?!?!?

so Thursday of last week,  I woke up to at 6 a.m in excruciating pain.  This was the beginning of a three day migraine.



A fever is not my best look, haha

I had to let Sandra ( the trainer) know I was not going to make it in.  So I went back to bed.  I didn’t have to be into work until 1pm.  Well there was no way that was going to happen.  My body was not leaving the bed.   I don’t jump and go to the doctor for anything.   I usually let my body work things out on its own.  But by day two I knew I was going to need something a little bit stronger to get through this shit storm.   So in I put my sweaty, achy, throbbing body in the car and checked in at urgent care!!!!



I got my meDs and passed out with miss Tina Myles ( yo yo)



London ended up sleeping at my moms that second night.  times like these you just need your mom to save the day.   And she did .  I was able to sleep  the day away, uninterrupted , and in the dark.  This was exactly what I needed.   When I woke up from my coma covered in sweat,  I started feeling significantly better and all I could think about was foooooddd.   I hadent eaten in a day and a half and all I wanted was a shitty cheap pizza!  More specially my mind was repeating, dough dough dough!!!  Why are these foods still so comforting!???????  yes, I made all my dreams come true and ate pizza until I could eat no more.   And then right after I ate it, I thought about our journey.  And then slept again!!! Who knew migraines were so exhausting????  We’ll know I’m better!!



Wheres my little mcnugget??????  Miss her!!



Finally things can get back to normal!!!!!  So let’s do some hair!!!!!! Class time again at Samuel cole salon!!!   It was a class that required a model.  So guess who showed up to be my beautiful model?!?!?



Yesssss Sandra Axeman!!!!!   She was in for a good time,  look at what we are doing.



sandra was awesome.  She was down for the ride, she asked no questions and was cool as a cucumber.  And just let me go nuts on her hair!



Look at this girl!!



Look number one!



And look number two!



I had so much fun hanging out with Sandra outside of the gym!!!  Love you lady, best model ever!  I’m so happy to be going into work this week!!!!!  I hate sick days.    10 days until May……….wtf,  I gotta make something happen here!  The pizza regrets are setting in.    Ahhhhh!  Will I ever learn??? Xoxo

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