Two meatballs: Wiped out!!

you know it is never good (you are doing shit right)  when your trainer says… are really going to feel this in a day or two..   And she wasn’t lying.  I was soar for three days.  I enjoy the soar.  It reminds me how far we have come and how different our lives are.  This workout seemed extra challenging!! Definetly a test of endurance. So here we go…..


Push ups for days!  In combination with climbers!!


One foot squats.  Love a good butt!!



Biceps.  My right arm is a mean machine… But my left arm has been feeling awful.  I must have injured it, and I now refer to it as my nemo fin.  Injuries suck when you are trying to get fit.  #noexcusses



This ball is ten pounds and after swinging this thing around a bit, you will begin to hate it.



Trx!!!a fav.  High rows and into the Y.





Hello biceps again.



And we do this thing at the end called a burn out.  Bring that heart rate up!!!  In this burn out, we got on the rower, and rowed for 100 meters then hop of and do one arm kettle bell swings.  I think we did this for three minutes!



It felt so good to be done!!


So happy we did this ass kicker together!!



Exhuasted!!  How do you do it sandra?!?!



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