Two Meatballs: To eat or not to eat?

Back in the day……16 to 23, I would have been able to lower my food in take,  before a wedding or if I just wanted to feel really good.  Well now a days……I’m so not capable of temporarily starving myself anymore.  Somewhere between working full time and being a mom,    And we’ll just being a human….food is an essential.   So days before the weigh in, a little voice in my head,  a 20 year old Jenny says, make the most of this week and and don’t eat!!!!  Well just as that thought enters my mind it leaves within seconds.  I want to lose weight the honest way.  By doing a lot of this……..



I have been at fitness connection as much as possible the last two weeks.  So much so, that a trainer finally approached me after being a member there for over a year, and said I was obvisouly looking for results.  Yes I am sir!!!!!  Working hard feels good enough.  Working hard and then refueling with food feels powerful.  And so much more controlling,  then false control that comes with choosing to starve.  So  then I headed over to the mall to look for a dress for a wedding I am going to this weekend. This is not the dress I bought.  But it just feels good to go into a dressing room and everthing goes on, and dosent make me break out in hot flashes.



I love ove a dress with pockets.  But this style kind of makes me feel like Alice in wonderland.  Not this worst thing,  but when you are 5’0 ft tall , you look for sophisticated, not child like.   I still liked it!!!  Maybe next time.

I walked into work and found these things!!!!



Banana, almond butter sandwiches dipped in dark chocolate!!!  Thank you silvi!!! My new favorite sweet treat.  Real food is so good.  It reminds me I don’t need cotton candy, or cake batter in my life.  Unless I decided I want it.  Haha,  having chocies is powerful!!

after that I found this………



The biggest zucchini I have ever seen!  I work with some farm girls.   And they always come baring gifts.  These monster zucchiniS  could make a shit ton of zoodles.  As you know, my favorite.  Sour round by so much support today.  Feeling grateful!!  Come on weigh in, Im ready

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