Two Meatballs: Third ball ‘s a charm!!!!!

Hey guys.  It’s Jenny.  This two week break, has felt so long!!   But it really gave me time to reflect on my life, and live in the moment a little bit more. When I’m writing the blog regularly,  I’m constantly thinking about what I am going to write about.  I started to really struggle to find healthy things to write about.  But since I was able to step back, i can see more clearly now.  My life has changeddramatically !!!!!  I am more impressed with my husbands transformation!!!wpid-20150804_201939.jpg


He may have started this lifestyle change with me in mind,  but now I am really glad he is doing this for himself.  Those days of mindless soda drinking have come to a screeching halt!!!  His only grocery demand is bottled water.  He watched every documentary about health, and found his own passion for his health.  He started having a new dialoge with London about healthy living.  I couldn’t be more proud of Brandon .  And he is still losing!   I’m so grateful, to have him in my life.  I couldn’t do this without his love and support.  No more late night sweet treat runs!!!!

wpid-20150804_201952.jpg wpid-20150804_202038.jpg wpid-20150804_202016.jpg





Not to mention, the amazing, and probably best haircut of his life (wink wink 🙂 ) has really had an effect on his overall quality of life!!!  Haha,  right????

anyway enough about me!!!!!  I’m so glad we are in this together.

So now it’s time for dinner!!!  Paleo chicken cutlets please!!   Always an Italian girl!!  And they tasted just like my moms!!!!!



Dipped my my chicken in egg wash,  then in….

almond meal


garlic powder


and cooked them up in olive oil!!!  With a salad on the side.  So goooood. And the. We finished with a watermelon eating contest!!!  This little nugget kicked my butt!









We love to eat together!!  And eating is great when it feels this good.  Nothing makes me happier the when my honey and my baby are all eating so well,  happy mama!!!  i have never been this engaged in my own health.  I have thought about my personal health every single day for the last year and a half.  That’s a first for me.  I didn’t realize the level of denial I was living in before.  I’m so grateful to take on the challenge.  Today was a good day!  Today was full of peace.    One day at a time.  Love you guys!!  So excited to be posting again!!!!! See ya!!


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