Two Meatballs: To thine own self be true….

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day!!!

Hey its Jenny.  As of lately,  I have been really searching for my happy place.  And the happy place that is all my own.   Even when things are not “perfect”  or fit in the little box I deme “appropriate”.  I want to be loyal to my own best interests.  when I sit back and really listen to my inner diaolge…..its not cuuuuutte.


Love that quote.   Whats your inner dialogue saying???? Its full of limitations!  Which is so ironic  because I most often identitify myself with not being able to “tie this girl down”.  Which is completely opposite to my actual life.  I have really planted myself.  And my roots are deep.  So now it is time to be kind to myself and have courage.  I love being reunited with passion.   I can slip into a passion depression.  ” I don’t know”  “I don’t care” “whatever you want”………ummmmmm yuck!  When my internal fire is lit, I am on cloud 9.   My creative wheels start turning..and then bulldozer everything!!   Sara said,  when your are not passionate about anything, of course it is hard to make decisions!!!!   That really stayed with me,   because i also think of myself has indecisive.   Is it because I am lacking passion in my life right now? I m not sure,  but I love to get excited about things.   And I am super excited about my job!!  Sara showed you yesterday the amazing wella educator we had come to our salon, Nicole Obert!!   She really showed me some new things,  Which is exactly what I am needing in my creative world.  I had a color correction today that was…….fun?!?!  Rarely you hear stylist describe a color correction has fun.   But I went into with a whole new bag of tricks.  And it was exactly what i needed.  Something creative and thoughtful.  Executing an idea is incredible theraputic to me!




wpid-20150818_100446.jpg   Before…….wpid-20150818_131848.jpg after

So fun!!! I am so tied down to this job!!!  Makes me happy!! Sara and I are planning an education weekend in New York, this Novemeber.   It would be incredible and sara and I have not taking a class together in Forevvvvver!!!!  So this would be great!  We did get to spend time together this weekend celebrating our Friend and Co worker Nikki!!! She’s having a baby!!!!



The cutest mama i know!!!  Can not wait to meet  her sweet bunny soon!  she had the best shower, full of games made by sara!

wpid-fb_img_1439935644067.jpg wpid-20150816_143816.jpg


wpid-fb_img_1439935629914.jpg  wpid-fb_img_1439935612189.jpgwpid-fb_img_1439935618490.jpg

This was London’s first baby shower and I think she loved it.  Nikki was very kind and let London help open the presents.  Which is a three year olds dream!

wpid-fb_img_1439935652310.jpgwpid-20150816_144135.jpgLove watching her grown!!!

And then We all rallied together for these cute shots!


And then I got to go home and have some quality time with my very own love bug!!


feeling happy tonight!! 🙂


















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