Two Meatballs: having my cake and eating too!

hellllloo hello hello.  It’s Jenny today!!!What a crazy ride this whole journey has been.  A year ago I thought I had mastered weight loss.  Hahaha…rich!   Im just trying to manage my life these days. And maintain a healthy lifestyle while doing it.  Finding the balance will always be the challenge.  I can be so emotional and passionate,  and that can sometimes sway my better judgment.  Sara’s post yesterday about finding peace was really inspiring.  I would love to visualize all my goals and tackle them head on.  As well as face some of the hardships, and peacefully close those doors.  It’s hard.  And sometimes full of tears.  But I’m trying to embrace my feelings  as I am feeling them.  I had a total cry fest Monday evening, just thinking about the people I have lost and loved.  As I was feeling this way I tried to explore every thought I was having, and just kind of talk it all out in my head.  As I was falling asleep I felt really good.  And slept 8 hrs uninterrupted!!  Was I truly peacefully sleeping?!?  I think so!   And with that I started a healthy day!!!

Paleo pancakes, requested by London.


Simple works well for me, as well as yummy!

London and I ran around the playground  for hours!  I was a sweaty mess.  Way to hot outside.  We came home and slammed waters and had lunch.


again very simple…. Scrambled eggs and avocado.  Protein and good fats!!!

time for play doh!! Play doh is the most fun.  Who dosent like that stuff?  So London and I had a cupcake party!!

wpid-20150824_083313.jpg  Adorable!!!!  I make the cupcakes and she is an expert sprinkle decorator.  A great thing we got going here.   And just when I start craving a mid day sweet treat, we decided to make a healthy treat instead.  Strawberry coconut pie!  It is crust less and contains mashed up strawberries, a cup of coconut cream, and yes I let London go crazy with the sprinkles.   Finding the balance..right?


And then made my favorite dinner!  Zoodles!!


Did mentioned I changed my hair!!!

wpid-20150820_192731.jpg Kylie got to me!!!  Great day with my little nugget.  Learning new things all the time together!!!   London is asleep and now I’m going to try this semi paleo strawberry coconut pie!!  Can’t wait to workout with Sandra and Sara soon!!!  Love you guys! Thanks for all of the support!




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