Two Meatballs: Pickled Pink!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!  It’s Jenny and Sara!


We finally found some time to spend together and we have spent it in the healthiest ways!  First, we made it back to Innovative Fitness Training with our gal Sandra!!!


It felt so nice to feel a sense of nostalgia seeing Jenny in my parking lot bright and early!  It felt like such a different ride this time.  We were both pumped.  Admittedly, a lot of times on our ride to work out in the past, we were openly fantasizing about decadent breakfasts.  This time we were pumped to get our sweat on and see our sweet friend…it had been so long!


Did you guys miss these!?!  Haha, we had a big group hug when we walked in, then walked right onto that treadmill for our warm up!  Then it was on to circuit training.  Jenny worked chest and tri’s while I worked back and chest!


Then we swapped and did 4 rounds of each circuit!  Then we did real clean and presses…so hard to nail the concept and these cobra snake tube things.


And y’all are not even gonna believe this ….but EVERYTHING CAME WITH A SQUAT! Spoiler alert, my inner thighs were screaming all weekend!  Then we did abs!


And plank taps…


Then I died…


Jk, we survived and felt gahhhhhreat!


We love you so much Sandra.  Thank you so much for always believing in us…we can’t wait to see you again today!!!!  WE couldn’t love you more.


So, now, for Kelly’s favorite segment (game show announcer voice) It’s time for Two Meat-balls Cookin’ Up Some Appppppps!!!!  Time for the sexy.  WE were both missing apps in our life and you know I can’t eat anything right now.

Lets eat!!!!!   Sara and I are up to our shenanigans in the kitchen again!!!  And lately we have been missing some apps in our life.    So what is on the menu tonight you ask?!?!?!

  1. Chicken zucchini cilantro meatballs
  2. squash flour flatbread
  3. artichoke hummus
  4. Zucchini cheese
  5. Dill pickles

For all of these amazing recipes visit our pinterest Sara and Jenny BeardSmith…..Sara and Jenny App night!!!

Lets make those balls!  Jenny Grate that Zucchini!!!!


ground chicken into the bowl with all the spices and mix it up!!


Tablespoon meatballs onto the pan and bake away…and I have never looked scarier!!!!! love you guys!!!


lets try these bad boys out!!!!


These meatballs are really good.  put these bad boys on top of some noodles and you got yourself a meal ladies!!!!

Sara make us some cheese!!!


It was………..weird!!!  but totally worth making. it was so different then anything we have ever done before.


Artichoke hummus please!!!  And let me just say….this was so delicious! favorite thing of the night!


taste test!!……Approved


Squash bread…also famazing !!!  we learned so much while we were assembling.  We couldn’t stop laughing!!!

wpid-20150902_211312.jpgwpid-20150902_211927.jpgwpid-20150902_212607.jpgwpid-20150902_212608.jpg wpid-20150902_212602.jpg wpid-20150902_214628.jpgwpid-20150902_214633.jpg wpid-20150902_214635.jpg

Were did we go wrong??? But it taste so good!


I want some pickles!!!!    Nothing cuter then homemade pickles in mason jars!

wpid-20150902_215212.jpgwpid-20150902_215555.jpgwpid-20150902_215222.jpgwpid-20150902_214456.jpg wpid-20150902_214408.jpgwpid-20150902_215034.jpg

Don’t forget the sprigs of dill!


Wont be done till tomorrow!  Cant wait,  these girls love a pickles!


It was so fun getting back in the kitchen together!!!!  Cant wait to eat all our yummy apps at work tomorrow.  love you guys.   Gotta head to bed, we are working out with Sandra first thing in the morning!!!  xoxo



  1. How cute are you guys!!! Love the car selfies and the cooking!! Making cheese, pickles and bread!!! I’m impressed! Love you!

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