Two Meatballs: This fat girl runs!

Hey!!!!!  It’s jennnnnnyyyy (yelling).  It’s the end of summer.  Love hate, for sure!   The pressure of baring skin will be gone soon, and we will be welcoming back black tights, and slouchy sweaters.  In the past I dreaded summer.  I have told you about my Hungarian arms!  They use to control my life, especially in the summer.  The thought of showing them off to the world wAs just outrageous!!! That now seems ridiculous and kind of dramAtic.    This was my most comfortable summer of my adult life!!!   I was able to enjoy my family at the pool and beach without the constant pressure of my body being the focus.   I wasn’t in perfect shape.   I decided to put fun first.  And happy is such a good look on me!!!  What is  Labor Day weekend with out cookouts and a final pool party!!!  So before the festivities started I headed to the gym.


And guess what…………….


Its true.   I can’t believe it.   I really decided a long time ago that I was not a runner.  Ever attempt in the past was so painful!!!  I couldn’t breath, my legs burned, and  I always had cramps in my sides.   Working out with Sandra has really helped me control my breathing, and helped me push myself out side of my comfort zone when comes  to challenging my body.


At the end of my three miles.  I feel amazing!!!!  My mind goes crazy when I’m running.  I get these ideas about doing a triathlon!!!!!!  That would be amazing.   And it reminds me how much more Important it is to me to be strong!!  Maybe some day!


Pool time for this family!   Look how cute these two are.

wpid-20150906_152731.jpg  wpid-20150906_152615.jpg wpid-20150906_152427.jpg   wpid-20150906_152317.jpg wpid-20150906_152223.jpg   wpid-20150906_151526.jpg

And don’t forget grandma!


While all this fun and excitement was going on….I got to just lay back and take pics!!!!


Of course I got in the pool and played hard!!!!! I even got in the trampoline and worked up the most unflattering sweat!!!!  And then got back in the pool.  London and I were playing hard and she slammed her head into mine , and we both had tear filled eyes, and the next morning I woke up to this thing.  The closest thing I have had to a black eye!!!!


I was kind of obsessed with it!!  We had so much playing, it was kind of this weird reminder every time I looked in the mirror.  Not to mention very ufc..ish!!!  Haha. Such a fun weekend full of activity and not food obsessed!!  My dream.    Have a fabulous week!!!!! Xoxoxoxo.  Thankful everyday!!


  1. Love this post Jenny!!! It would be so sad to miss out on all that fun and joy just because we don’t like our bodies!!! So happy you had such a great summer!!!! Love you guys!!!

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