Two Meatballs: I have a mommies girl!!!

Helllllllooooo.  It’s jennny.  I know you all know my number one girl London!!  This kid is my mini me and side-kick!

wpid-20150929_180659.jpg wpid-20150929_180654.jpg wpid-20150929_180648.jpg

I know  things will change.  And our relationship will evolve but right now she is definetly a mommies girl!!  She is the first voice I hear in the morning.  And like me, she wakes up with a wild imagination and is always ready for a bowl of ice cream.  So as I try to do better,  I try to teach her better t the same time.   Visuals are great for the smith girls!


She helps me make my coffee every morning.  And she promises me she will love coffee when she is a big girl, but not while she is a little girl.  So sweet.

Maybe she will like coconut coffee too!


It’s coffee and coconut oil blended together.   Just like a cappuccino!

and finally our Sunday dream has come true!!!  The time has come to collect fresh eggs from aunt kitty’s house!  And they are blue!!


Sooo fun.




I London is connected to my hip right now because I love moments like these.  Creating loving memories with family makes me happy too and what little girl dosent want to be a farmer!!! I will always indulge in her curious side.  And do my best to answer all of her crazy questions with integrity.  She keeps me on my toes and makes my life incredible interesting.  I love and cherish all of our days together.

Our mommie and London days envolved a trip to marbles meusem.  I love to sit back and watch her interact with all these other kids.


And let that imagination go wild!


So yes, she is a mommies girl right now.   My inner 4 year old Jenny lives not to far from the surface. And still get excited about pretending, building tents, play doh hair dresser,  and learning new things. We have a great time together.   We love being together.  The older she gets, I find myself saying no more often to her as she starts to really test the boundaries.   I know our relationship will change as she and I change.  Being so connected makes things amazing, and also extremely challenging.  I know the day will come, daddy will be number one.  And I am so happy to share her with him.   They have a lot to teach and learn from each other.   So grateful for my family and the joy they bring my life.   This too makes me feel healthy and strong.   Always searching for new ways to measure success.  Love u guys!





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