Two Meatballs: Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to!!!

its my birthdayyyyyyyy!!!!  Lucky 31!!!


I love birthdays!  It reminds me how grateful I am for everyone and everything in my life.   I like to think I am smarter, wiser, and faster then the year before.  i had a great work birthday too!



And was greeted with this bad boy!


I prepared though!!!!  This year, I knew I was going to have cake.  So I made sure to eat all my veggies and not over eat.   It wasn’t a bad meal after bad meal, like I remember my life to be at one point.  My husband had these beautiful flowers sent to me!


I love receiving flowers!!  I have always made it clear, from the very beginning of our relationship, I Want Flowers!!!!!!

That night we went to Kings and bowled!  Bowling is so fun!   And it was londons’s first time.  She is soooo competetive!  She wanted to throw it down the lane and kick everyone’s ass!! She got over the slide thing very quickly.


I love spending time with my sweet fam!!!


After my sugary birthday,  I was craving Brussel sprouts.  This is a new concept for me!!  I usually crave sugar,  so to have eaten so much sugar and looking for anything green,  blows my mind!!!!   So I made all my food dreams come true.

wpid-20151005_170253.jpgSooooo  gooooood!!!

and I paired my Roasted Brussel sprouts with bison chili!!!


I even stepped outside of the paleo work and added red kidney beans. So much protein and fiber!!!

wpid-20151005_165609.jpg This meal was so simple, delicious and a whole family crowd pleaser,  my dream!!!!!!!

So the reason I cried this birthday was because,  our sweet kitty, Tina Myles is gone!!!!!!  She got out of the house, the first night all this rain started.   She is definetly a scaredy cat, so I know she is terrified out there.  I loved that cat, and she loved me. We slept together every night.  She turned me into a cat lover.  The hardest part was telling London.  London is so emotional right now.  I thought she was going to lose it.  But to our surprise she was actually quite resilient.  And very understanding.   I was the one devastated !!!!!  Well with that,  we found Artemis!!! She is a total sweet pea!! She is a rescue from purr partners.

wpid-20151006_202103.jpg wpid-20151006_193933.jpg wpid-20151006_193931.jpg wpid-20151006_191346.jpg

We are so happy to have her!!!!!  She was comfortable with us instantly.  Who couldnt love these two nut balls!!!


All is right again, in the smith home!!!  Thanks Brandon, you are the best!! Xoxo  you made two girls very happy today!!






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