Two Meatballs: From Bootcamp to Downward Dog!!!





What a full and fulfilling day I have had!!  Have I mentioned I love my job?!?!  I dooo! Most days, I get to show up at work,  get my shit in order and then be artistic all day long,  have incredible conversation, connect with new and old clients,  and feel the support of my team.  If that wasn’t enough,  I am also on the education team.  I get to be apart of our teams associate program journey.  The past two days, my team and I worked hard on Haircut Bootcamp.  Two full days of terminology, duos and hands on.  And i get to work with the greatest girls!!! Cara and Katie!!


I love working with these people!!  They make it so fun.  And I am so grateful to help our associates on their journey.  I learn so much, every time we teach these haircuts.  It never gets old, and always inspires me to be better!  Always a student!!!  Practice makes progress?!??

Observing cara do her thing!!

wpid-20151013_151651.jpg  wpid-20151013_151640.jpg

Look who popped in for a couple of laughs!!



18 hours of haircuts…..done!  And loved every moment.  Feeling a little crazy!!!


I’ve been missing my meatball!!!  So what better date then……yoga!!!!!!


Love our new friend Meg.  Her class(practice)  is challenging, peaceful and inspiring.  It was the perfect end to the day!

Much needed after these past 2 days.  Time to center myself! I also got to see all of Sara’s success!!!!!


Saras love for her yoga and fellow yogis is contagious.   You did it!!!   So happy for you friend!! I look forward to being welcomed into this community, and grateful for the introduction!

So happy we are still on this journey together of finding our health!!  Love you!


And  just for fun,  here’s the fam at Hill ridge fun this past weekend!!!!



Love them and couldn’t do this without them!!

wpid-20151011_142607.jpg    wpid-20151011_142543.jpg  wpid-20151011_142559.jpg wpid-20151011_142535.jpg wpid-20151011_142624.jpg wpid-20151011_142547.jpg






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