Two Meatballs: Taking This Show On The Road!!!

Hello world!!!  Did y’all miss me!?!?!  I missed y’all so much!  It’s been a whole week since I got back from my glorious spring break week at the beach with my amazing, loving, fun, funny, wonderful family!!!


I rode down with my sister and the kids and we had the BEST time! Kelly and I sang all of our favorite songs at the top of our lungs.  The kids chimed in tooooo.  We decided to do Easter part one when we got to Summer Winds…a Beard family favorite!

The kids got all the candy and our mom made us the cutest baskets!  Chase and Kelly also dyed eggs,

We had a normal daytime egg hunt and had a night time beach egg hunt with glow in the dark candle eggs! Somebody look at all this fun!



And somebody look at this Blue Moon…is it me are is there a prism of color shooting out from both directions…so magical!!!

We had the funnest time!!!! Then we went to dinner at another Beard family favorite…El Zarape!!!

I always get a little nervous leaving my bubble at home when I’m trying to be healthy.  But this time around it has really sunken in for me that this is A LIFESTYLE CHANGE so part of a lifestyle is leaving your home to go on a fun vacay and I can always make good decisions or just eat at home!  And I am so lucky to have the most supportive family!

The Beards are creatures of habits so we actually ended up having Mexican twice and I ate so healthy…fajitas sans tortillas both times with all the shrimp, chicken and beef my little carnivorous heart could handle!  We also ate at The Crab Shack twice (fried seafood and hushpuppy heaven) and I really couldn’t find anything that I could eat so I just went for the company and bonding both times and ate at home either before or after! #victory

We spent the rest of the week on the beach,

at the aquarium,

exploring Fort Macon,


We saw and were so close to ALLLLLL OF THE DOLPHINS and braved the freezing cold water…

and when it was raining we watched Anne of Green Gable, another Beard family fav


…annnnnnd I braided everybody’s hair and played with Kelly’s makeup!!! #neverstoppracticing

Somebody look at this fishtail…how beach appropriate!?!


Even the kids let me play!!!  Wyatt did NOT WANT HIS PICTURE TAKEN! So here is Chase!


We also did so much snuggling!!!

And all of the cooking!

It is so nice to not have to hurry off of the beach to get showered and ready to go out to dinner!  Knowing that you are going to cook leaves everything at an unrushed pace! Overall, this week was theeeeeeeee best!!!


I can’t wait to go back in June and have another amazing week with my family!!!!  Love you all, feels so good to be back writing!  Bonus, I lost .5 on vacation!!!

Lesson learned…I can do this…anywhere!  Don’t miss out because you are scared of change!!!

Love you all so much!







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