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Two Meatballs: This is What 11 Months of Hard Work Looks Like!

Another weigh in down!!!  And we are coming up on an entire year that we have committed to totally changing ours lives.  There have been so many ups and downs.  Jenny and I were talking the other night and neither one of us have ever made it this long…for anything!  We are so proud and everyday we feel stronger. #integrity This will always be a struggle but it is getting easier or harder…I’m not sure which haha.  Bread doesn’t feel like something we’re missing anymore.  Everyone loves a photo montage…so here is a trip down the last 11 months…look at these changes!!! Ahhhhhh!

Jenny, you’re up first.  She started at 218 and is down to 162!!!  She has lost 56 pounds!!!!


But here is the money maker…month one to now! Look how teeeeny!!!!


Now it’s your turn Sara.  I started at 340 pounds and I’m down to 250.  That’s 90 pounds gone!!!


And here is month one to now!!!  Wahoooooo!


And now the better together segment!


And the most exciting one!


We feel great and we couldn’t do it without your support!!!  I thought I would close this post with some of our favorites from Eat Your Heart Out!  Xoxoxo


Ps…it gets harder and harder to think of new things to do…so if anyone has any bright ideas or different places to shoot please let us know!!!