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Two Meatballs: Birthday Traditions and Name That President!!!

My new Friday night is now Thursday!!!  So this Thursday my sweet  gal pal Robyn and I went to the Raleigh Times where our other friend Ellen #teamawesome met up with us!!!  Every time I hang out with these two it feels like an episode of SNL and I love ittttttt!!!  Plus…what a fun way to kick off the weekend!  We played a game where you tried to name all the presidents in order…anyone remember Pierce…how about Martin Van Buren!?!


Then Ellen hit the jackpot of free shots…


And Robyn brought her sweet, wiggley Brantley to the party…


This dog doesn’t just wag its tail, it shakes his whole butt!!!!  A dancing dog..who wouldn’t fall in love!?  Then we got silly and a little intimate in the rest of the pics…gotta love your girlfriends!


#ohisthatyourlegithoughtitwasmine #looookhowlongmyhairis #ringgame #creepywaiter #mytwin #ellenridingherbikesidesaddle #wegotepicallycropdusted #johnccalhoun #imeaniknowvanillaice

Sooooooo fun!!!!  I love you guys so much…lets do this again sooner rather than later! #robellen!!!

Then I met up with that adorable guy I’ve been seeing for some further bar galavanting!

Then the next day was finally my sleepover at a hotel date with my oldest nephew Wyatt!  I don’t know who is more excited about this tradition…me or him!  It’s the most ridiculous thing of life…I take a child…to The Umstead…where we order room service and he doesn’t hear the word no for a solid 24 hours!  It’s literally the living funnest!  But as the second child myself…I didn’t want little Chasey to feel left out so we went on a lunch date before me and Wyatt set off!


We went to Ale House and played pool which really involved chalking our pinkies #smurftwins and hurling the white ball into opposite corners…this kid is going to be amazing at sports!  Then 4:00 finally came and kaboooooom!!!!  WoMo took off to Cary!


We checked in at the front desk…


Got our key… which he is responsible for as well as finding our room…


Hopped in the elevator…to the top floor #heybemo


Got settled in…



Did some rock climbing…



Slipped into something a little more comfortable…



Explored the hotel…


Were suppppper sad that it was raining!!!  Better luck tomorrow am I right ladies!? #staringlonginglyatthepool


Decided that it was soooo gross outside that it was time for some room service…look how grown!?!


Snack time!!!!  Complete with a Coke…I don’t know what i was thinking…but it gets worse!


Thennnnn… he convinced me we should watch Jaws #imanidiot



Then we had dinner in the room…a kid right after my own heart #steakfrites #itsreallyreallyreallyaproblemnow



It was sooo goood he had to lick the plate #hahasorrykel


And mini cookies for  his birthday dessert #lookatthatface



Then we snuggled it up in the super comfy king bed and after watching terrifying Jaws we watched horrible live action Inspector Gadget so we wouldn’t have nightmares!  Then I woke up to this sweet face…


We ordered breakfast and played a little game of find the mini meatball!


Then a little more rock climbing…


The weather was so much worse when we woke up but this little smarty pants said…I mean we’re already going to be wet…who cares if its raining while we’re swimming…I can’t argue with that logic!!!  So out we went into the monsoon!


It was soooooooo cold but we lasted probably 30 minutes before the bottom really fell out and we ran for shelter! #dumbanddumberhaircut #lloydchristmas


We made it back inside to warm up!


Took a quick look around at the total mess we were leaving behind…


Packed our things and said goodbye to our little home away from home!!!  I know there will come a day when he is soooooo cool that he will not want to do this anymore so I am soaking up as much as I can while I can!!!!  Wyatt I just love you to pieces!!!  Can’t wait until next year!!!!!!  Here is a little comparison of last year to this year…honestly look how grown! Xoxooxoxoxoxoxo



Hope your weekend was amazing too!!!!