Two Meatballs get physical!

You can’t get fit if you don’t exercise…am I right ladies?!  It’s Official…Jenny and Sara have joined a gym…again!  But this time we are actually using it and not just having a monthly occurring reminder of that place we avoided!  Prior to our fancy new gym member ship, our physical activity was limited to sweaty 2am karaoke/dance parties in Sara’s kitchen….If I Could Turn Back Time (shout out to Kristi Kessler and Cher obvi!). We are also trying to be realistic with starting out so as of right now our goal is to go a couple of times a week and try a new class this month.  Thoughts?!  Should we do Zumba…Body Pump…Let us know!

2014-03-18 22.34.21


  1. I LOVE Zumba! You should totally try it! You will feel completely ridiculous at first (at least I did, anyway), but once you get into it, it’s really fun and you can absolutely feel the burn! Plus, it’s great to get into a class with some regulars and meet new friends! I’ve had a blast doing it! Good luck to you guys, love the blog!

  2. Definitely try Zumba, I can see you both liking that if you like to dance 🙂 If your a member at Fitness Connection, formally Gold’s, most definitely attend a Body Pump class with Robb!! Not to be missed, I highly recommend his class! Robb is high energy, enthusiastic, loves new comers and will keep you sweating but enjoying the sweat! Good luck in your endeavor! He teaches at the Pleasant Valley location and Cary. 😉

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