Two Meatballs have a revelation

Jenny and I decided at the beginning of March that we were finally ready to get healthy.  So what did we do??? We read up on our options and decided to try a Paleo lifestyle.  We really didn’t want to just do another unrealistic crash diet that had always failed us in the past.  This time we knew we needed a new way of thinking about food that we could stick to forever.  Simultaneously we both started aggressively budgeting. So even though Whole Foods is literally in our salon parking lot (did we mention we work together)…we schlepped it all the way across town to Trader Joe’s.  We bought a weeks worth of Paleo friendly food for $100!!!  Here is what we got! It’s totally possible to be healthy on a budget!

20140308_211829 (1)


  1. LOVE TJ’s. And their unsweetened vanilla almond milk is the bomb. A wonderful dairy replacement. I’ve been doing paleo (mostly) for about 10 months and I have found it is the first entirely livable way of eating – so long as I remember I’m not on a “diet” – I’m just choosing to eat real whole foods (but not from Whole Paycheck (Foods). XO!

  2. This is great, Sara! I can’t wait to hear all about it when I come in for my next cut! Btw, don’t know if you’re into tracking, but I’ve found using the myfitnesspal app (free) quite handy 🙂

  3. Way to go girls! You have totally inspired me….I think I am going to jump on the caveman band wagon.

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