Two Meatballs…Get to know these nuts (JENNY!!)


The Smith's!!!

The Smith’s!!!



Helllllllloooooo!!!( I’m yelling this).  I love Fridays!  It always reminds me of the beginning  of a good time, which is what I live for.   I have lived in Raleigh all my life and I am so happy my husband and I get to raise our daughter London here with my  fun and crazy Italian family less then a mile away from us. London  just turned two and I have never met anyone who makes my smile larger and laugh harder!!  It does not take much for my inner child to come out and throw up all over my life.  My husband Brandon is the most supportive person in my life.  What a lucky girl!!  My mom, Elaine,  is the back bone of my life.  I want to be her when I grow up,  but with a little bit of  Lady Gaga  .  My sister Catherine ( KITTY!!!!)  is the sweetest Auntie to my Londie!  My younger brother Rich  lives in Youngsville….booooo!!! JK……He’s a total  cutie patoottie.  So proud of him!  He and I were kinda nutty buddies growing up.   I LIVE FOR THE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE  APPLAUSE.   I have always loved theater, acting, and putting on ridiculous skits!! Making a total Jackass of myself is part of my charm! I thiiink?!?!  My family is always nurtured my need to be creative and expressive.  I am a rule following free-spirit.  You gotta do you!  I have had a hand full of crazy experiences in my life,  all that have shaped me and made me some what of a story teller.   I try not to take life to seriously and enjoy all the crazy moments! I will try everything once……..and I’m either going to love it of Fucking hate it!  I love love love my job and Salon family!   I feel the need to be inspired each and every day.  I have never been so exhausted and overwhelmed in my entire life, but at the same time I am incredibly  happy, satisfied and challenged.

Dede!!! ( my mom) and our little owl!

Dede!!! ( my mom) and our little owl!

Auntie Kitty and me meeting Oribe!

Auntie Kitty and me meeting Oribe!

London Elizabeth Smith!  She's a little girl now......sniff sniff

London Elizabeth Smith! She’s a little girl now……sniff sniff



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