Two Meatballs: Get to Know These Nuts (Sara)!

baby bumble

Get to know this little nut!  This is me at 2…can you say handful!?

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!  We wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about ourselves.  I’m Sara (the blonde- haha) and I’m 31 and single!  I’m originally from Raleigh, NC and I looooooooove it here because it’s the living best.  I am a super passionate, quick witted, sharp tongued Scorpio.  I’m a hellcat in the sack, I love the beach and if I didn’t already have my dream job at Samuel Cole Salon where I’m a master stylist, network educator and the director of mentoring, I would write and perform on Saturday Night Live.  I can’t get enough of anything that is awkward…it’s like a moth to a flame!  Ke$has is my spirit animal and Beyoncé is my idol.  I would literally do anything for my friends and family (some might say a ride or die bitch).  I sing in the shower and apologize several times a day for the things I blurt out. I talk to my parents John and Anna, multiple times a week. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary and are the most supportive people a girl could ask for.  Then there is my sister, or as we affectionately refer to each other as…did or fisters.  No one likes either of these nicknames…especially fister.  But it’s not what you think…it’s fucking sister!  I’ve never met anyone more full of joy and I love being around her….co-habitation!!!!  I only have one biological sister but I also have my cousin Kristina who has always been our other sister and my best friend of almost 30 years Katie. I could not survive without them!!!!  The four of us have formed a life long bond and they are my K’s!!!  Then we have my sister’s kids, my sweet baby angel nephew nuggets!!!  Wyatt and Chase are the Peanut butter to my jelly (which I cant have either of those on Paleo). I love them so much I want to squish them and then eat their faces.  All these people help make me me.  I am one of a kind and you will either love me or fucking hate me…there is no in between! Hopefully it’s the first! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


My Sweet Family


Me, Kristina and Kelly


Us as little kiddos


My K’s…Kristina, Kelly and Katie


Bad hair days at the beach with my baby boos!

More to come about the other nut….JENNNNNNNY!

Have the living best day!!!!!!




  1. All of this is true!!! I can’t wait to spend the next three days in NYC with this Nutty Meatball!!!! Love you hate that!!!! Xoxoxo

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