Two Meatballs: #strugglebus

Hiiiiii! It’s Sara! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! I know we did!!!!! Today is Jenny’s husband’s birthday. Happy 30th Brandon. So we celebrated last night. I mentioned before that I’m not drinking and neither is Jenny. So last night was so fun even though we were being good. I did however stay up way later than I have been lately. This on top of traveling this week has got me in the front seat of the struggle bus! My house is a mess, my suitcase is still taking up major real estate in my room, I’m up to my eyeballs in dirty laundry (this will be the title of my memoir one day), my box of receipts for the month of March is piling up and my elliptical machine is eyeing me with total judgement as I sit on my couch writing this!


I know you can see the judgement in her eyes right?! So with all these projects to tackle I chose to work on our Pinterest account (meatballsgetfit) bc that was the logical choice right?! WRONG! Avoidance is a huge issue of mine. Jenny described it perfectly for herself and I totally relate. “I go from so stable to soooooo unstable!” What do all these little things add up to…my mind becomes consumed with bad food choices! Jenny and I were texting this morning with thoughts of cake, pizza and pad thai running through our heads. Now what?! The only way to change is to change. Sooooo, in that spirit we’re decided to be strong for one another and talk ourselves off of this irrational ledge. I got dressed in my workout gear (do I look like ke$ha yet?!), started my laundry, made a healthy lunch of bacon, eggs and
roasted brussel sprouts, drank two glasses of water, started the dishwasher and guess what happened?! I’m full so I’m not thinking of food that is bad for me, I’m crossing things off my list so I’m feeling instantly better and less overwhelmed and I’m about to make this elliptical my bitch and try from Couch to 5k! Lesson for the day…stop avoiding your life Sara…it’s not going anywhere!
P.S. Don’t forget to check in on April Fools Day! Jenny and I will be revealing our weight, what we’ve lost and a whole lot more! Again, thanks so much for the support. If you find yourself on that struggle bus called life…reach out to the ones you love and be honest. Or we’re always here for you! Xoxo

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  1. There is a great Paleo pad thai recipe (using spaghetti squash and making almond butter based or sunflower butter based “peanut” sauce) in the Well Fed paleo cookbook. It is delicious – a favorite at our house!

  2. I love this post!!! I catch myself just staring at the dishes instead of just doing it!!! So inspirational sis!!!

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