Two Meatballs: Are We Skinny Yet?!

Are we done yet?!


Nooooooo?!  Well how much longer then?




At least we have each other!


We sometimes have hilariously unrealistic expectations…I expect a full set of abs after every sit up!  We ask each other constantly if we are skinny yet. But it’s all in fun.  Today we are going to talk about goals.  People kept asking if we had a goal and I think for awhile we just responded, “to be healthy!”.  This is a great goal however it was brought to our attention that it was a qualitative goal and not a quantitative goal.  While reaching for quality is excellent, it’s a lot harder to track.  So we did some soul searching and came up with some endgame here.

Our Shared Goals:

Like we mentioned before health is still our number one priority!  We really want to change our lifestyles and no longer diet.  We understand that this is not temporary…it is a lifestyle.  We want to be more active in general…run 5k’s, get Zen with yoga, explore the parks, be more of a part of nature (zip lining) and walk NYC instead of cabbing it! We want to give back to our community  through acts of  service.  We are both girls who have big ideas and talk a bunch of talk but don’t necessarily follow through.  We would both like to have a LOT more integrity. We have found so much inspiration in others and that is what got us started on our own path, so ultimately we would love to paleo- it forward (haha Sherry!).  Getting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and landing on the cover of People’s Half Their Size issue are big dreams of ours.  We want to spread the word that anyone can change their lives for the better.

Jenny’s Goals:

Well, I haven’t really thought about goals before bc this always seemed really unrealistic and I think a part of me had decided that getting healthy wasn’t going to be a part of my life.  Or I just became comfortable with were I was but now that things have changed and I’ve allowed myself to take time fore myself and my health I now have goals. I want to play so hard with London…I want to keep up with her without being exhausted.  I want her to experience everything and I want to be right there with her. If we are talking in numbers though 125 looks amazing to me and I now believe it could happen.  But the number isn’t as important to me as health and happiness so I’m not married to a number. I want to be at the beach with my family and feels so confident and connected to what is happening instead of worrying about what my body looks like and I want to instill this in my daughter.  I want her to be the happiest, most confident little person she can be! I want to have so much energy.  I love my job, I want to work as long as I possibly can.  It’s such a physical job and I want to be that spunky, artsy, fashion forward old lady who people say how is she still doing this.

Sara’s Goals:

I have lost and gained a ton of weight in my life.  I was always confident that I could lose weight but never that confident that I could actually stick with it and keep it off. The moment I got distracted, which lets be honest is a given with this undiagnosed ADD, I would go off the deep end.  I think for me, turning 30 was an eye opener.  I don’t feel the wild abandon of my twenties anymore with thoughts of budget spreadsheets, my retirement funds and long term disability insurance swimming through my head. I have always been comfortable with who I am, so that feeling of shame or body hatred was never a motivator for me.  But, it is time to grow up and get healthy.  So my quantitative goal is 150.  I have never been a normal weight as an adult so I don’t have the voice in my head trying to get me back to my cheerleading weight!  This is going to be such a discovery!  I’m hoping that underneath here I have nice little boobs, a tiny waist and a big fat ass and shapely thighs!  Hello Beyoncé! So that is my end game but much like Jenny I am not married to that number.  If at 175 my doctor says that I am as healthy as a horse and I feel full of energy and happiness then that is where I will be.  Conversely if I get to 150 and now 125 is luring me in…I’ll keep going!  I am super motivated by fun and self expression.  I love fashion and I hate having to wear things just bc it is what is offered in my size.  I think it’s bullshit that I can’t wear whatever I want and I find that hugely motivating to think that one day I can shop in any store! I want my outsides to match my insides and I also want to be crazy active and chock full of energy!!!!!!!  Watch out world.

Now, for a yummy recipe!!!  The day was Sunday, March 30th, the day after we celebrated my husbands birthday…we went to pick London up at my sister Kitty’s house.  She is now on Paleo as well and turned into a real life saver that day.  She had a Paleo friendly breakfast waiting for us!  After staying up too late the night before I felt weak food wise, and it was a wonderful surprise to walk into sweet potato hash! Here is the recipe!!!  Sorry I forgot to take my own picture!!!

Easy Sweet Potatoes + Eggs (this recipe is courtesy of Edible Perspective via Pinterest)

Easy Sweet Potatoes + Eggs |

2 teaspoons unrefined coconut oil, or ghee

  • 1 medium/large sweet potato or yam, washed + ends cut
  • 3 large eggs
  • shredded goat cheddar cheese, or other sharp cheese
  • salt + pepper


Julienne your sweet potato [or use the large holes on a grater].  Heat a 9-10-inch skillet that is oven safe over medium and add your coconut oil.  Once hot place the sweet potato in the pan and stir frequently until done to your liking.  About 8-12 minutes.

Set your oven to broil on high.  Spread the sweet potato evenly around the pan and create 3 small wells for the eggs.  Crack eggs one at a time and pour into each well.  Let cook for about 2-3 minutes until the white just starts to solidify and turn opaque.  Sprinkle with cheese and place under the broiler, watching closely, until eggs are cooked to your liking.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, hold the pan at an angle over a plate, and slide out of the pan with a large metal spatula.  Serve immediately.

YOU GUYS…IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOOD!  Enjoy making it! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox!






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