Two Meatballs: Unrealistic Expectations?!?


It has come to our attention that we mayyyyy….possibly have been mentally poisoned by all of our failed attempts to “diet” in the past! We are really committed to Paleo and working out…a new lifestyle one might say, but nagging rules of our former dieting ways creep in constantly and fuck our shit up. Jenny and I both have been beaten over the head with the idea of a 1200 calorie a day diet…regardless of how hard you work out. Jenny still thinks in weight watchers points and I become completely obsessed with what I can and can’t have. The other morning Jenny told me she had 5 pieces of bacon for breakfast after a hard workout and she was riddled with guilt. Bacon is such a no no on any conventional diet! But a great friend told me you have to eat some fat to lose fat! I have been housing pistachios like it’s my full time job!!! I know I can have them so I fucking HAVE them! We have both been feeling like we fell off the wagon…almost becoming obsessed with the quasi failure. But we aren’t striving for perfection. There will be some dark days but it’s so important that we really change our mind sets and our relationship with food in general. We both wanted to make a big change that could last forever which is why we chose the Paleo lifestyle. Now let us be clear…there is no one right way to get healthy so if Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, counting calories, low calorie, or low fat works for you, we certainly aren’t knocking it. However neither one of us felt like we could live the rest of our lives in that manner. For us…it became such an obsession keeping up with all the numbers and converting serious math equations based on food labels.


Math is hard you guys. Not to mention the anxiety that sets in once you’ve blown your points by lunch…we’ve all been there am I right ladies? This is the least complicated, most simple thing we’ve ever done. It’s so simple in fact we are constantly questioning whether it will work!!! But it has and will continue to work. We just need to completely embrace it for what it is…the rest of our lives! We both genuinely know that things are different this time and we’ve never been so secure that we will reach our goals.


This was the old way we used to celebrate at work together. Jenny and I would have Cupcake Tuesdays…there is possibly fifty bazillion calories in this mutha. Now we do Green Tea Wednesdays and it feels a million times better!


Everyone has been getting soooooo healthy at Samuel Cole Salon which has really helped us stay focused! Not smelling Chick-fil-a in the break room is so nice! We used to get store bought cakes for birthdays but everyone is on such a kick that for our co-workers birthday, Jenny made the most amazing Paleo dessert! It was delicious and here is the recipe.

Magic Coconut Bars (recipe courtesy of Simply Living Healthy via Pinterest)(photos courtesy of Jenny)

image image image image image image image

Be kind to yourself and others. Change is hard and sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack! Also people tell us all the time…you don’t need to drink to be fun…duh! We love you soooooooooooo much.


  1. good, good, good, yum, yum, yum. so glad “they” tell us coconut is a health food. have you ever heard maria menounos talk about her weight loss story? she used to eat a whole pizza at a time and she said when she was trying to lose weight, she would gradually cut down to half of a pizza, a quarter of a pizza, add a salad, then stop eating the pizza all together and just eat the salad.

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