Two Meatballs: Meatball Wasted

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I have never gotten drunker and had more fun with anyone than Sara Beard!  We are the happiest drinkers you will ever meet!  If one shot is good then eight are better.  This is very indicative of our former life, everything was so over the top and we always wanted more more more…always chasing the fun.  We went from doing this every weekend to NOT DRINKING AT ALL!  But like everything else  it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be! 


I was always just in it for a good time, but Sara has made some sober observations and realized just how problematic it was for her.


“I am such a consumptive person. I always just wanted more of everything, good or bad. But with drinking came smoking and late nights, which started to run me down and keep me in a perpetual state of sickness, which only fed into more poor eating and an excuse not to exercise…basically I had 99 problems and…they were all from drinking.”  


We’ve decided that drinking can now just be a celebratory thing instead of a reward for surviving the week…or the day! Now our weekends are spent working out, sharing recipes and desperately trying to figure out social media (Sara still begrudges Twitter), reading books together (book club party of two!), instead of being hungover and realizing we aren’t 21 anymore. I guess we are growing up????  Sara and I have fun doing everything together. This is a picture of us early voting for example…We are clearly having a blast!


So it looks like drinking has fallen off the top of the fun ladder.  Who knew? 


  1. I met Sara a year or two back in NYC and she was one of the most lighthearted people I’d ever met. I really enjoy your guy’s blog as it not only obviously empowers you guys to lose weight and live healthier but it seems to have some neat little life lessons tucked in as well! Great work! 🙉

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