Two Meatballs: Team Apple Goes Paleo


This past Sunday we celebrated Grandma Apple’s 80th birthday. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this little treasure let me tell you…she is literally the living best. When you tell her how adorable she is she responds by saying…I know! She is an amazing woman who taught us all that family comes first no matter what.


I find her to be a total inspiration and I loved nothing more than when me, Kristina(the pregnant one) and Kelly(the one with the little blonde cutie attached to her) were little and we used to go spend time with her in little Washington, NC during the summers.


We would make mud pies with crab apples, build cities in the back yard, make a slip n slide with a tarp, walk through the cemeteries and visit haunted houses. We were also allowed to eat anything we wanted in any quantity that we wanted it! She worked in an elementary school cafeteria and would bring us home school pizza…this began the makings of a future chubster!
Having said that, I wanted to show up to this lovely party that my mom (who could give Martha Stewart a run for her money any day) prepared to stick to my new Paleo guns.
I signed up to bring three dishes so that my bases were more covered. And my awesome sister made avocado deviled eggs so that they were paleo friendly and my fantastic cousin (I ask her everyday if she is pregnant…I don’t know why but at nine months it cracks me up) made paleo lemon squares. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such amazingly supportive people!


Any who…here are the recipes and pictures of the dishes we made. Overall the day was a total success. There was a great turn out…I love my family so much, Grandma had a great time and raked in on the gift cards and I managed to walk away unscathed food wise from a family gathering.


The beautiful dessert table which would have called to me like sirens in my former life!

Ok seriously here are the recipes!!!

Red Cabbage Paleo Coleslaw (recipe courtesy of The Real Food Guide via pinterest)

image image image

Bacon, avocado corn salad (recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl via pinterest)
(Note I avoided the cheese on this one)


Guacamole Deviled Eggs (recipe courtesy of Primal Bites via pinterest)


Lemon bars (paleo)(recipe is courtesy of Delighted Momma via pinterest)

image image image image

Enjoy!!! They were all delish!!!!!!!!! Ps Jenny says hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Don’t forget about Fat Back Friday tomorrow. We love y’all!!!!!



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