Two Meatballs: Fat Back Friday and an Ass Whoopin’at the Gym!


Wooooooof! Jk we love it!!!

image image image

Happy Fat Back Friday!!! Although some of these are for sure throw backs!
Yesterday morning my sweet friend Nikki picked me up to go to a Bootcamp….in a warehouse….at 5:50….AM!!!! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this buuuuut, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!!!! But you have to change if you want to change so I got my ass up even though Jenny and I stayed up late the night before doing our first radio interview (there is a link on our Facebook page Two Meatballs Get Fit) and I thought of one hundred thousand million trillion really good excuses to call Nikki and cancel…even though I was already up. I guess I was a little intimidated by the idea of a boot camp and there is still some residual lazy trapped up in this piece. But this sweet Angel showed up with throw back Thursday music playing and a cup of delicious coffee with count oil in it (yum!!!) and we drove off to our doom!


We walked into Marvel Strength & Conditioning and it was awesome. Jonathan, our trainer for the morning greeted us at the door and taught me how to use the row machine to warm up.


Then we did a whole bunch of other warm up stuff…lunges, pivot squats, high knee thingies and then came the really hard stuff! We did slam balls(I think that’s what he called them!!!!) We had to lift this medicine ball above our heads then slam it to the ground, quickly squat and catch it before it double bounced….ten of those…then hold this ball above the head lunges…ten of those then a run with the ball to the end of the building…this was a brisk walk for me and we did all of this as many rounds as we could in the time allotted!

image image

This is not my best look but it’s going to get me to my best look! Ke$ha was bumpin from the speakers, Jonathan was so encouraging and the other two people working out were super nice…even though it was six am! This wasn’t my doom at all…Nor was it intimidating once I started. I was mos def slower than everyone else but I didn’t fall behind. I feel amazing and I loved trying something new!


I would highly recommend coming to this amazing place!!! If you are in Raleigh or the surrounding area…it was so fun and not at all what I thought! I imagined someone yelling in my face…which is such a turn off to me! Don’t tell me what to do unless we’re naked! I feel sore but really strong and empowered! A wise woman once said you can’t be powerful and pitiful at the same time so goodbye pitiful.
To set up an appointment email you literally will never regret it…until two days later when you can move haha! They also have a Facebook page Marvel Strength & Conditioning so you should check it out and like them. Have a great weekend Xoxo!


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