Two Meatballs: Pay Homage?!?!


I want that candy!

I want that candy!

Hi HI HI hi!!!!!  It’s Jenny!!

I absolutely love the holidays!  Growing up it meant games, movies, light-hearted smart ass jokes and traditional foods. We are a typical American family.  But every now and then our Italian heritage takes over, and family is everything!  We take pleasure in cooking together and celebrating our hard work with drinks, food, and desserts around the table for hours, remembering those who we loved with hilarious stories. It is how it has always been done.  Well it is about to be a little different from now on.  More then missing the foods I am not consuming,  I don’t want to outcast myself from my family.  You know you have a food relationship problem when you are questioning if the day will still be meaningful with out the food.  And of course it will  be!!!!  But it always seemed natural that I would celebrate holidays with London and Brandon the way I know how.  My body is feeling good,  the thought of putting toxic waste (CANDY!!!) into it will be an awful feeling literally and figuratively.  I am feeling satisfied today, I hope I feel the same tomorrow.     For those of you who don’t know me, I am a sugar fanatic!!  My award at “the Bobies”  this year was, ” Jenny will get molested for candy.” Easter is centered around candy!   I keep trying to come up with a good enough reason to some how allow myself all day Easter to totally blow this health stride and let my crack addiction take control and not feel guilty about it. Am I able to tell myself  “you deserve it, its one day.”  I have reward myself enough I think.  Ahhhhhh  Shitttttt I know to much now!!!!!! J/K(kinda, not really)  I can say right  now  I won’t give in, but the day will come and whatever happens will happen.  You will be the first to know!   No matter what, I love my family and my family loves me, even if I don’t stalk up on peeps in every color and freeze them the way I like them and eat them in the weeks to come………yeah I did that! #feelingfierce #familylove #Londonismypeepthatcomesineverycolor!!!!!

This was sooo much fun!!!

This was sooo much fun!!!

I think I want to make these for Easter,  yummmmmmm  Courtesy of The Urban Poser


RAW Carrot Cake Balls (Dipped in RAW chocolate)

Grain Free/Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegan/RAW

Ingredients: Note: This recipe does not contain exact measurements as veggies and fruits come in all sizes. Use the measurements below as a guide. You just want a ball that holds together. Feel free to experiment with different flavors! I rarely measure this recipe out and that’s half the fun!


Makes approx. 10-12 cake balls depending on your ingredients and size of the cake ball


1 Large carrots, peeled
1 large tart apple, cored


1/8 cup or a handful of currants (or chopped raisins)
1/2 cup dried shredded coconut (use more or less as needed to thicken the mix)
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp or a pinch of nutmeg, more if you like it!
*1-2 Tbls RAW honey (maple syrup or palm nectar)
*2 Tbls RAW nut butter (almond, pecan, walnut, cashew)
Optional: Raw cacao nibs for decoration

*Note: Depending on your pulp, you may need to use more or less honey/nut butter or more coconut to get the desired texture. Remember go by feel. 

Dipping chocolate1/4 cup coconut oil

2 Tbls  raw honey
1/2 tsp vanilla
7 Tbls of raw cacao (add another half Tbls for making a drizzle)


1 cup Enjoy Life Chocolate chips melted plus 1/2 teaspoon ghee or palm shortening melted in to help it set faster and keep the chocolate from getting super hard in the freezer.
Grate the carrots and the apple, by hand or w/a food processor. Then press out as much juice as possible by using a fine sieve, strainer. Alternately, you can use a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to squeeze out the juice. Originally, I used my juicer for this recipe and they turned out pretty great. However, I have found that there is MUCH more flavor to the cake ball when I make the pulp by hand.
Add the rest of the ingredients, except the cacao nibs or toppings to the carrot/apple pulp. Mix well.
Roll the dough into balls (about 1 Tbls worth of dough)
Chill the cake balls in the freezer for about 30 min.
While the cake balls are chilling prepare the chocolate…
Start with room temperature unrefined coconut oil (it’s liquid point is around 76 degrees).  In a small bowl, combine the liquefied coconut oil, vanilla, honey and cocoa. Whisk together until the chocolate is well combined, with no lumps. I like to let the chocolate rest for about 15 min or so to let the cacao absorb well into the oil.
Using a wood skewer or dipping fork, dip the frozen cake balls into the chocolate. Let some of the chocolate drip off  than allow the chocolate to harden while you hold the stick (it will harden pretty fast), sprinkle a few cocoa nibs or nuts on the top of the cake ball before the top hardens. If you don’t  take the time to let some of the chocolate drip off you may not have enough chocolate to finish all the cake balls. They still taste great with a thick coating, but you will have to make extra chocolate sauce. It takes some practice to make your chocolate go far. If practice isn’t your thing just make extra chocolate sauce.

Tip: it’s common for the chocolate to crack slightly as it hardens. This can be reduced if you leave some space at the bottom of the cake ball without chocolate. That is often where the crack starts. However, if a crack does happen, it is VERY easy to cover it up when you drizzle the chocolate over it later. So don’t stress out about that. Can’t have chocolate? Don’t worry. Just roll the cakes balls in shredded dried coconut or crushed nuts before chilling them.

For the chocolate drizzle, make the same chocolate recipe as above, but add 1/2-1 Tbls more of raw cacao. This will make it a bit thicker. Using a spoon or a ‘candy making’ squeeze bottle (get it at any craft store) drizzle the chocolate in thin lines over the cake ball.
Cake balls should be kept chilled in the freezer for best results. Take them out about 5 min before serving. They should be fine for about 15 min before starting to soften too much. At that point, the coconut oil will become liquid (at around 76 degrees) and the chocolate will begin to melt.
I have also kept these in the fridge, producing a much softer cake ball. They taste great this way, the only downside is they DO melt in your hand as well as in your mouth.

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  1. There are a bunch of Paleo chocolate cookbooks out there, maybe allowing yourself more of the paleo treats than you would normally have will get you through the day 🙂

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