Two Meatballs: Becoming a Better Person?!?

Hiiiiiiiii! It’s Sara! I just came back from another amazing class in NYC at the House of Bumble.


I’ve been taking a lot of classes that require A LOT of self reflection…which is perfect right now!


Styling Your Career was all about a deeper connection with your clients, honing your listening skills, awareness of energy, staying inspired and social media(thank goodness…hopefully no more suspensions in our future)!


I learned so much I was bursting at the seams. These classes are also amazing because you are in a room full of 100 hair dressers and 10 educators who are just as passionate and committed as you are. Talk about energy…I was literally buzzing at times.


During the inspiration module the team from Bumble presented their muses which inspire them to then in turn inspire us! As per usual…it was ah-mazzzzing!

image image image image

We were asked to bring something in that inspired us…so naturally I brought the blog!!! When asked if anyone wanted to share I shot my hand up…my boss Joelle was very encouraging and I got picked! Probably because I was sitting dead front row and center and waving my hand around like a first grader who has to pee. I got up in front of the crowded auditorium and told everyone our mission to get healthy and inspire others to do the same and to really embrace who they are. I was met with laughter (because I’m hilarious not because it was a room full of bullies haha!) and complete acceptance and the warmest bath of positive energy. It felt amazing.


Afterward, the woman directly to my left in the picture above approached me and said, “I’m following the meatballs on instagram now…that was really inspiring.” I’m a hugger so I instantly hugged and thanked her and she, her name is Bean, started telling me her story. She does Paleo and cross fit and over the past year she had lost 80 pounds!!!!! I felt so pumped and inspired by this transaction! Sharing your own story with your own struggles and successes and hearing others journeys is a really powerful thing. I started following her on instagram now to see her progress and I’m so thankful that I got to meet sweet Bean. You know I like to close with a Danny Tanner inspirational moment bc it helps give me perspective…so cue the learning moment music! If you are open, honest and put good energy into the world it will come back to you! Hope you have the best day ever!!!! Love the meatballs!!!!!


Ps…I ate pretty healthy too and walked for exercise! Xoxo

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