Two Meatballs: A Hot Date with Nanners

Hiiiiii youuuuuu guyyyyys!!!!! It’s Sara!!!! So I’ve been posting lots of food pics on our instagram (twomeatballsgetfit) and my good ol’ pal Anna said Feeeeeed Meeeee!!!


Anna and I have been friends for around 14 years. We met through my best friend Katie and the three of us worked at Hilker’s Dry Cleaners!


I have never in all my days meet anyone like Anna Broome…or as I call her Nanners! She is so funny and has the weirdest obsessions…like Home Improvement and Dr Laura…..and Caaaaaats (cats are my sworn enemy, they want my blood…they want me dead) and she makes a mean banana pudding!


But you know I love a nut…and this nut is also an awesome blogger…check her out, it’s called Jobstalker and it’s hilarious! Here is a snippet!!!


Needless to say we became fast friends and the three of us were inseparable starting in late high school!

image image image image image image image

I mentioned last week that I’m now obsessed with cooking and feeding people so when Anna reached out I thought…don’t threaten me with a good time! I instantly made plans with her and last night was the big night.  Usually we would meet at a bar for drinks and not so healthy food so this was a great opportunity to hang out without the hangover. I decided to make Paleo Chicken Pad Thai which I discovered on the ever amazing and inspiring Pinterest! As soon as I got off work I started cooking. The night before I made the chicken and the spaghetti squash bc they were time consuming and I didn’t want dinner to be at 10!


Look at the joy in that face!
Anna walked in with flowers…adorable and soon it was time to eat!

image image image image

It was a total home run! Pad Thai is a total weakness of mine and the unpaleo version is unnnnhealthy for sure…so this is now a super exciting option. And once all the prep work was done…it really didn’t take long at all to make. So dinner was yummmo, conversation was great and its always nice to catch up with someone you’ve known for years…we were only missing Katie! Anna is such a great supporter of the blog so it was so nice to be able to do something nice in return. Looooove you that much also Nanners. Good good good, yum yum yum! Here is the recipe and the much anticipated selfies of the past and present! Ps… do yourself a favor and make this delish dinner and maybe even catch up with old friends!!!
Recipe courtesy of Sensual Appeal via pinterest!

image image image

And last but not least (singing) Let me take a selfie! #vintageselfie #theghostofselfiepastandpresent

image image

Love you guys…PS TOMORROW ISTHE BIG WEIGH IN…DONT MISS OUT! All the cool kids are stopping by the blog tomorrow to check it out…no pressure!


  1. those pictures are more than perfect! love you too that much, also sawa wawa! the food was delicious and you are so skinny!

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