Two Meatballs: Reality Check!!!

Hiiii guys!!!! It’s Sara! So last weekend I got a total reality check. I’ve simultaneously been on another quest of financial security and growth and part of that journey was to get long term disability insurance. Are you turned on yet?!? I did a lot of research and got three really good quotes. I went with the quote that had no medical check beforehand because that seemed like the smartest way to go for my current situation. It felt awesome to get something soooooo grown up marked off my list. Butttttttttt, then I got this!


I was  denied!!!!!! Because of my height and weight!!!! An insurance company made an arbitrary decision based only on numbers that I was too big(literally) of a risk to insure! There was no personal interview…I couldn’t rest on my adorable laurels. They didn’t have the opportunity to see my winning personality and say…well she’s a risk but Dammit I love her! Hello reality check. Some things are just based on numbers…this isn’t a pageant where I win the crowd over. At my current height and weight I am uninsurable! (All I can here in my head is the Inconceivable line from Princess Bride ha!) I feel so lucky to be on this journey to health…it couldn’t have happened at a better time and honestly what a great motivator. I never felt pressure to lose weight because I always felt really good about myself and my body, but now it’s even more clear to me that my health is priority  1! So…what’s a girl to do about this here predicament?! Well, first I’m going to contribute heavily to my emergency fund since I can’t currently get long term disability. But second…I hit the gym…HARD! This and my eating healthy are all I’m in control of right now to right this situation! I called my new amazing girl crush/ trainer Sandra Axman of Innovative Fitness Training and scheduled an appointment(if you aren’t already seeing her weekly…you really should get on that!).


Jenny had to work and we had a class at work on the normal day that we go together, so I flew solo. What I love about working out with Sandra is that she had the best energy about her,  I never know what to expect, it’s never boring and I just show up, she tells me what to do and all of the sudden…I’m sweaty and exhausted and its over! I’ve come to the realization that I need a trainer. The accountability is so important for me. Plus she doesn’t go easy on us…and I always go easy on myself at the gym!!! After three sit ups I deserve a cookie…no?! But Sandra is a total bad ass and soooo encouraging…she’s even got her husband reading the blog which is amazing…shout out to Dan!!! This workout was a doozy you guys. We did this giant double Dutch ropes…trx…shoulders…abs and you’re never going to believe this. We did mother fuzzing squats!!! All I want in this life is an epic ass so I know squats are just part of the territory but gahhhhhhhhh they are so fah-lippin hard. Anyways here’s some sweaty pictures of the workout. Hope you guys have the best day….Love you!!!!

image image image image image image image

Call her!!! You will Looooove Sandra!!!


  1. Your face in that top rope one is my favorite!!!!
    And that blows about your insurance!!!!

    1. dodado spinning rope, that’s what I hear when I see that pic!!! Love you girl, you make me laugh…….

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