Two Meatballs: Doodoo Pudding?!? Is that paleo???


Hey Its Jenny!   I am doing pretty well.  My challenge right now is not to get comfortable with my weight loss success thus far.  I’m feeling good, and this is the time I usually start relaxing the diet.  I like the way clothes are fitting  and my energy is high which is great for home and work! With all these warm fuzzy feelings, I can’t stop thinking about chocolate y’all!!!!  In the past I have convinced myself that my body has changed and I have changed so therefore I can now eat sugar just like any other 16-year-old girl.  I AM ALMOST 30!!!!!!  Things have slightly changed,  wellllll not exactly I’ve never been able to carry my sugar well. I’m a light weight!!! HAHA for once!!  So I decided to make a decadent chocolate treat for then fam.

IMG_20140505_200408 (1)Ok so it looks like shit in a fancy glass.  This is AVOCADO CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!   I saw this recipe on Pinterest and it was just to easy  not to make.

1 Avocado

tsp of vanilla

1/4 cup coco powder(I added a shit ton!!!!!!)

3 tbs of honey

1/3 cup coconut milk

Welll you thought right,  I REALLY HATED IT!!!!!  My taste buds desperately wanted to like it.  But they could not be convinced.  It hasn’t been long enough I guess.  I made my husband (Brandon) try it without knowing what it was.  He looked very confused and grossed out! kinda funny.  This pudding has to be eaten immediately, it’s avocado, it turns very quickly and couldn’t be eaten then next day so  I am going to make it again.  London has to try it!  You never know she might love it, that would be great!

Moving on    Happy Cinco De Mayo!!…………. It is Taco night at my house!  Everyone likes mexican.  Mexican is really satisfying.  I can tailor this for everyone in my family.



I made a simple taco salad that was so yummy!  I knew Brandon and London were going to want soft tacos with cheese.  Which is fine!  I just don’t want to make 3 separate meals for my family.  Having dinner together as a family is important to me.  I want to spend time together rather than running around the kitchen trying to satisfy everyone’s needs.  It is really easy to get into that bad habit!!!!

So I tried to make desert again!!  This was an easy home run!  Smoothies!




Loving our strawberry, mango and pineapple smoothies!!

Our buddy at work Nikki, told me how she has been taking her coffee lately.  Black and blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil.  You guys, it is frothy and amazing!  SO I did the same with my smoothies and they were sooooooo delicious.  This is great for anytime of the day!

Love you guys and your on going support!!!  Sincerest Thank you!




  1. Wow! Those smoothies looked amazing! So proud and honored to have a front row seat to the Two Meatball’s
    Journey !!! Love the posts! Funny and inspirational and recipes!!! Love you guys so much!!

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